Singled Out: "50 Had A Studio In His Van ... Something I've Never Seen Before"

Tuesday, Jun 5, 2012 5:00PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Kidd Kidd

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After rapper/producer David Banner analyzes his new Chris Brown-assisted "So Amazing" hit, G-Unit rapper Kidd Kidd talks about linking up with 50 Cent for the track, "Get Busy."]

"Get Busy" is a sound from me you might not be used to. Every other track is more pain or more shoot 'em up bang bang, but "Get Busy" shows the other side. It's more of a having fun and partying me, than the stuff I usually do. N*ggas hit the club, tip the strippers and have fun, too. Every now and then you gotta talk about that.

I love the "Get Busy" track. We shot the video for it in Vegas, and I know the people gonna love that.

Me and 50 were together when we recorded this track. We recorded it in New Orleans, because he was filming down here. He films a lot of movies down here, so every time he comes to New Orleans you already know I'm comin' out and I'm there with him.

I've seen a studio on a tour bus, but 50 had a studio in his van. That's something I've never seen before. So he travels with that van, and we got together and he pulled up the track. You already know how Fif is with them hooks -- he gotta hook like Tyson. I got on there and did my thing of course and he a vet so hear already know what he doin ... we had the nice track and it came out like magic.

Now I'm getting ready to put out my mixtape, All On Me this summer. It's really already done but all we doing now is just picking the songs that's gonna go on there. I feel like it's my introduction in the game, even though I been in the game. It's kinda like what Drake said on that Meek Mill song about coming from a bunch of n*ggas and being the only one that made it -- I feel that. I don't know if his situation real like that, but at the end of the day that's the position I'm in, it's all on me. From being around Fif and touring and traveling, and doing shows ... but you go back home and you still got people going through what they going through and they look at you as their savior.

I'm not gonna lie, when it comes to G-Unit, it's total love over there. 50 a real dude despite what anybody gotta say about him, he a real dude. All the way down to Earth. We talk to each other like brothers, we speak like every other day so you know, it's just another family.

Check out "Get Busy" from 50's Lost Tapes Mixtape below:

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