Guest Star: "We Went To War For Hip-Hop In The South & They Didn't Recognize Us"

Friday, May 25, 2012 6:18PM

Written by SOHH for Drumma Boy

[With his new "Welcome" music video premiering this week off the new Welcome To My City mixtape, Memphis producer/rapper Drumma Boy explains why he is out to put on for his city.]

It was easy to get everyone together. I just made a phone call and said, "Yeahhhhhhh Boy." People don't understand, that's the actual calling to my guys and my people. That's how you show respect and pay homage to those who did it long before us. It's for the veterans that's been in the city long before me.

First of all, the Welcome To My City mixtape is the unification because VH1 seems to not recognize us when they honored the South and then not mention Memphis like we're not even there. To not have any Memphis artist present any award or any of that, it was almost like a headshot to the face. We were some of the first cats to go gold in the South. We had gold albums and then 8Ball & MJG did an album with Suave House and went platinum.

We had projects eveywhere. Three 6 Mafia? We just picked up an Oscar. Like d*mn, for my city and all the people that put it down before me, it's like a war out here. We went to war for hip-hop in the South and they didn't recognize us. It just feels like we've got more work to do. So leave it up to me because I can bring all these people together. A lot of people say we're the city that people love to hate.

I'm going to let the excuse be that they don't know their history. We also got a documentary coming out called Know Your History, which is a DVD based on the city of Memphis and how it was built, along with how the first black millionaire was from here. It's focusing on all of the history in Memphis.

Check out the "Welcome" music video below:

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