News: "We Go Hard In The Paint, F*ck What The Naysayers Say. They Don't Determine The Outcome"

Friday, May 4, 2012 11:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rapper B.o.B. recently discussed mentor T.I.'s upcoming Trouble Man solo album and why his Grand Hustle crew should be looked at as hip-hop's current dream team.

In Bobby Ray's perspective, Tip's upcoming new LP will continue to show his growth as an artist.

"The Trouble Man is amazing," B.o.B said in an interview. "Tip, with each album he always gets better. Each album is always a progression of where he was and this one isn't any different. He's really grown as an artist. Even me, growing up in Atlanta, I remember being a fan of Trap Musik -- so, to be able to become so evolved and be able to work so closely to his project, as well as be a part of Grand Hustle, means a lot to me. ... We gotta great f*cking team, a great dream team. We go hard in the paint, f*ck what the naysayers say. They don't determine the outcome -- we determine the outcome." (XXL Mag)

Staying on the topic of dream team, B.o.B. recently talked to SOHH about new Grand Hustle additions.

"It's definitely growing especially with Iggy, Chipmunk, we call him Chip, and Trae Tha Truth. Me and Trae have been cool for a minute. Every time I come to the city, he always looks out. Anyone who knows Trae knows he really looks out. It's a really good vibe, a really good energy moving. I feel like that's important because everyone can benefit from that. It's just a really creative driving force. Even being in opposite areas of the country, you just have that drive which is everything." (SOHH)

Specifically, Bobby gave SOHH his take on rap newcomer Iggy Azalea joining the squad.

"She is an amazing attribution to the team. The first time I got into the studio with her, she struck me as a person who knew what she really wanted to do. She really had a strong vision. A lot of times, when you're working with an artist who is fairly new to the industry on a major level, they may not know [what to do], but she really knows. We actually worked on a couple of songs and a couple of tracks. We're definitely going to work a lot more in the future. With me being on the road with my album coming out, it's just the scheduling and all that, but I'm excited! It's definitely going to be great things and people are going to get to know her more and understand what makes her Iggy." (SOHH)

Aside from team talk, the rapper's new Strange Clouds album is slated for a Top 10 debut next week.

Carrie Underwood's poised for a #1 debut. Her new 19/Arista Nashville album, Blown Away, will top next week's chart with estimates of between 275-295k. Grand Hustle/Atlantic rapper B.o.B's sophomore album, Strange Clouds, is set for 70-80k in first-week sales. (HITS Daily Double)

Check out a recent B.o.B. interview below:

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