5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: The Life Of Riley: "A Lot Of Artists'--Over There--Excuse Is That They Don't Have Time & Use A Lot Of Ghostwriters. [That's] Blasphemy Over Here."

Monday, May 14, 2012 12:10AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Drapht

[More than a year after taking the No. 1 spot overseas, Australian artist, Drapht has dropped his most recent album, The Life of Riley in the U.S. And he's here to give you the top five reasons you need to cop the album.]

1. More Than Just Hip-Hop

The album is something that's been out for over a year in Australia, [and] it's only just being released [in the U.S.]. It's totally different than anything you guys would have over there. In terms of the subgenre or whatnot, it's not just a straight up hip-hop record. People with sort of a rock mentality, or that way inclined, can probably appreciate it a lot more just from the melody that comes with it, the subject matter, the ins and outs of the record and the instrumentation played throughout its entirety. It's not your straight up hip-hop record by any means. It's got a lot of pop culture references.

2. Keeping Music Personal

I keep it personal in regards to my music. I usually only work with people that I have a personal relationship with, and that I have built up a relationship with over a certain amount of time. I have worked with a good friend of mine who lives in Melbourne and goes by the name of M-Phazes who produced a few tracks with the like of Jean Gray and Talib Kweli and Pharaohe Monch and what so. That's probably the most common name [I've worked with]. He produced a track off my last record and three tracks off my previous album.

3. Quality Control

[I write all my own music], of course! In and out, start to finish, I am as anal retentive as they come. I need full control, and I think that's why I'm still a solo artist. I could not let anyone--even in terms or the producer--have full reign of my music. I record all my own stuff, I write all my own stuff, I own my own studio, I track it all, I arrange all my own music, and that's the way I want to keep it. I'm just in the swing of getting some new gear, so that's really exciting as well. I love the freedom of just being able to wake up at any time of the night and just go into my studio and be able to track a vocal that has been giving me the sh*ts for days in and days out.

4. Purely Written

It's so different over here. A lot of artists', over there, excuse is that they don't have time and they use a lot of ghostwriters and what not, but it's blasphemy over here. The scene is so small [here], and if you get caught doing that sh*t you get put on the cross so to speak, so...

5. International Love

I think what [the fans] love the most about it is how catchy the choruses are, and it's just really easily well received. It's an easy album to listen to from start to finish, and I think that does come into play with the party vibe on the majority of the songs. But I dig a lot of the close-to-the-heart subject mentality too. It's the versatility of the record. Out of two, it was the only No. 1 record for that year...I'm pretty stoked about that.

You Decide. Will you cop Drapht's latest album?

To purchase/preview The Life of Riley, click here.

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