News: The Clipse's No Malice Sought Out Christian Rapper For Guidance

Friday, May 11, 2012 1:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Christian rapper Lecrae has revealed The Clipse's No Malice previously reached out to him during a time of need when he was determined to change his ways and take religion more seriously.

While mum on the details, Lecrae admitted that No Malice, one-half of rap duo "The Clipse" hit him up for guidance.

"Yeah, he did. I mean, from his perspective [No Malice has] been an individual who's had lofty thoughts of God," Lecrae said, referring to No Malice reaching out. "That's why every [Clipse] project - Lord Willin' - had those types of spiritual references. But he hit me up just saying like, "As of late, man, I'm really serious about this." And so [No Malice] just called me to kinda build a relationship and to talk and to just form a bond and work through some of those issues. And it's been dope." (Hip Hop DX)

Back in March, No Malice spoke about his past music's content touching too close to home.

"Well, you know I just seen some things. It's always been in my music. It's always been there. I think what my fans didn't know what they were witnessing was me battling with myself," No Malice explained. "I think the content of the stuff that The Clipse always talk about, even though it's very real, I think we did it too well. And I think some people walked away with the wrong message from that. Especially seeing a lot of our friends, manager, and people that we considered family get locked up. It's definitely an eye opener and I really don't want to glorify that like that any longer." ("The Breakfast Club")

He also went on to discuss battling depression, claiming the music industry is not quite what he envisioned during the pre-fame days.

"Being in this industry for as long as I've been and seeing the things that I've seen and accumulating the things that I've accumulated and have all of that and still feeling empty inside it really showed me something," said No Malice. "And that's what I find to be so ironic right now is that to be at the pinnacle of your career and to be touring and making money and having the things that you want but still not fulfilled. I just knew the life I was living wasn't right. And you know, that's not everybody. I'm just telling my story." ("The Breakfast Club")

In late winter, the rapper made a name change official after donning "Malice" since the start of his career.

Everyone bid farewell to the rapper you once knew as Malice, aka one half of coke-rap duo Clipse. And now, say hello to, um, No Malice. Yeap, that's the name Gene Thornton is choosing to go by from here on out. And he's making sure we all know that by releasing this video of him laying his former self to rest. As you'll see below, Malice is in the casket of a funeral home, where No Malice says his goodbyes and reveals that a new project, Hear Ye Him!, is due out this summer. Interesting.. (Prefix Mag)

Check out a recent No Malice interview below:

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