5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Sex, Drugs & Video Games": "This Is One Of The Most Amazing Albums You'll Hear This Year"

Monday, May 21, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for David Banner

[With his newest solo album less than 24 hours away from hitting store shelves, Southern rap veteran David Banner gives you five reasons to get your hands on Sex, Drugs & Video Games.]

1. Best Buy

The first reason you should buy it is because of the value. You know you're not going to get this level of power, from the features on the album to what you're going to be seeing mentally. There's questions that are going to be asked and things that are going to be posed all on here.

2. Come Close

This is a little movement and Sex, Drugs & Video Games is a way for the artists to get closer to the fans. Even for somebody in hip-hop to be building something new and to be a part of that, it's a reason you should buy the album.

3. The Riddler

The next reason is to look at the questions being posed. The main question that's being posed now is on the amount of sex, drugs and violence that's being fed to us. Hip-hop was designed to not only be entertainment but to also serve as a form of news for our community and a form of relations. It's about us being able to relate to each other. That's something I feel like I'm bringing back and bringing to this album. I'm asking people to think about why we think the way we think.

4. Jammer Time

The fourth reason is because it's jamming. Hands down. Before I even asked anybody about it, I'll tell you this is one of the most amazing albums you'll hear this year. Period. I say that in all humbleness. You know I can't support anything that's not jamming. If you look at the singles that I've dropped so far from "Californication" to what I've got with Big K.R.I.T., it's a consistent theme. Every single that I've dropped week after week has consistently been a banger. If nothing else, it's because the album is jamming.

5. Hang Up Your Banner

The fifth reason, more than anything, would be because it's me. Over the years, look what I've given to the game. I want people to support me. Support what I've stood for throughout the years and the legacy I've been bringing from Mississippi to now. The consistency and honor that I've brought to the game, that's the fifth reason you should buy the album.

You Decide. Will you purchase Sex, Drugs & Violence?

To purchase the new LP, just click here.

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