5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Powerbag Business Class Pack: "Between Wild Weather, Power Outages & Other Unexpected Situations, It's Great To Have A Powerbag Charged & Ready"

Friday, May 11, 2012 12:15AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Dan Curzon

[In the office, on the go, in the air...it doesn't matter where you as long as you're powered up! RFA Brands representative, Dan Curzon is here to give you five reasons why you'll never have to see "low battery" flash across your electronic devices again.]

1. You Are Always On The Go

Whether you're getting from Point A to Point B via car, trains, planes or skateboard, the last thing you need is for your phone, your tablet or your GPS to die on you. Thankfully, Powerbag keeps all your mobile gadgets -- pretty much anything charged via USB -- juiced up when you need it.

2. Everything In One Spot

There are so many different wires for all of your gadgets, and of course, when you're looking for the one you need, you can't find it. Powerbag keeps everything in one spot - with built-in battery and charging cords right in the bag - and can charge up to four devices at the push of a button.

3. No More Airport Plug-In Hassle

Not only does Powerbag make charging your devices a cinch, but also takes away the hassle of getting through security. The padded laptop and tablet pockets make for safe transport, plus the TSA-compliant, "Checkpoint Friendly" FlyFlat design means no need to remove your laptop when going through security. No more throwing everything together in a hurry just to get to your gate!

4. Always Unexpectedly Prepared

Between wild weather, power outages and other unexpected situations, it's great to have a Powerbag charged and ready to go whenever you need to power up your devices. A charged mobile device can help you stay connected to the world.

5. Be Productive In The Air.

It seems as though our iPads, smartphones and MP3 players always die right before we need them most - like just before we board a flight. With no charge in sight, a Powerbag can take care of re-energizing that battery so that your flight goes quicker.

You Decide. Will you to puchase a Powerbag to stay on the go?

If you want to stay powered up and purchase your own Powerbag Business Class Pack, click here.

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