News: "People Thought I Was Really Depressed, Like I Was Gon' Kill Myself"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 10:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Cash Money Records' Bow Wow recently came forward to address posting speculated suicide-related tweets two years ago and why fans are too overly concerned about what he says.

According to Bow Wow, his tweets are often taken too seriously in most occassions.

"My mind state was regular. It's like that text message that you get where you don't know if a friend is yelling at you or not yelling at you. That's what that was. I just woke up and everybody kept calling my phone. It was a comedic way of saying, I guess people took it the wrong way [I] was like "When I die," but when I typed it people thought I was really depressed, like I was gon' kill myself. I was like 'Nah, nah, nah!' I can't even jump on Twitter and be like 'I'ma die.' Like if I'm watching Friday, and I could tweet 'I'm dying [laughing] right now" and it'd be like "Bow Wow's dying, Bow Wow's dead!" It's just like the world of Twitter, ain't nobody gotta worry about me, I'm good. My head is on straight." (Hip Hop Wired)

Last summer, the rap star's ex-girlfriend Joie Chavis talked about his controversial suicide-like tweet.

"He would always talk to me. We became friends before anything. So he would always talk to me and I was straight to the point with him. I would always tell him 'you have fans, you have people who admire and look up to you. You have a beautiful blessing on the way that you have to live for. You have so much to live for so don't think like that.' I was definitely always there for him to cope with whatever he was going through. And just letting him know, be that father that you didn't have to your daughter." (Global Grind)

In light of welcoming a newborn, Bow Wow's Cash Money Records labelmate Glasses Malone told SOHH he felt his daughter could be a blessing in disguise.

"He's been in this business forever and n*ggas be wanting to hurt themselves over this business," Glasses told SOHH. "I know dudes who have become full drug addicts and alcoholics because of this business. That sh*t is probably going to help him because like I said, his life has always been in the industry and this may have given him something even more for him to live for. Sometimes people don't know the value of families and I think a dude like that, this is going to help him and he's going to treat the baby right." (SOHH)

Bow Wow's publicized tweet made headlines after he posted it in November 2010.

"I swear i be wishing i was dead sometimes. Because i feel like that's the only way ill get peace.," Bow tweeted Saturday (November 6). (Bow Wow's Twitter)

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