News: Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt Is A "Cute" & "Awesome Dude", Says Santigold

Friday, May 4, 2012 4:30PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Philadelphia singer Santigold recently provided fans dying to hear  an update on her and Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt's collaboration on a record, promising fans that plans are still in motion to release new music.

Although there is no definite date, Santigold still sees the record getting done in the near future.

"I saw a tweet. I guess somebody re-tweeted that Earl said 'I like Santigold, would love to do something.' And I was like, 'OK!' " she said, referring to news surrounding them in February. "I mean, he's so cool, he's such a cute, awesome dude. And they were at Coachella, and they were the first ones up onstage -- we invited people up onstage [during her performance] -- and they came and did some major booty-shaking moves. And a couple of them came to our MOCA show in LA.... [the collaboration] is something I really want to do, so hopefully it will be done soon." (MTV)

Back in February, speculation of an Earl Sweatshirt and Santigold collabo developed.

Last week, Santigold and the newly free Earl Sweatshirt teased a possible collaboration. Earl tweeted, "@Santigold the track is ridiculous..i'll send it soon". Santi wrote back: "@earlxsweat Sick! Can't wait..." Now, the collaboration has been confirmed. "It sounds like a fun collab! If it turns out dope, you'll hear it!," Santi tells Pitchfork. On his Twitter, Earl has listed off a bunch of names he (maybe) hopes to work with, ranging from Madlib and DOOM to Flying Lotus and Kanye West. (Pitchfork)

While fans wait for their joint effort to drop, Sweatshirt has kept busy by putting together his own record label.

He'll have his own imprint, Tan Cressida, to be distributed through Columbia. That places him in the Sony system alongside Odd Future, which was one of his priorities. He turned down offers with significantly higher advances and made sure that his contract allowed him to put the Odd Future logo on his albums. "I want it to look seamless," he said. As for his mother's concerns, "She knows she's got nothing to worry about." His way of coping with re-entry has been decidedly low key: whiling away hours at the Odd Future store, skating, making music with everyone in the crew.  (New York Times)

He recently spoke on making a return to the entertainment industry after an extended hiatus.

"Were you talking to people, aware that s---'s going bananas?" the venerable DJ asks an extremely timid Earl who was put in boarding school in June of 2010, just as Odd Future began their meteoric rise to fame. "I was aware, I mean, because ... the Internet." "Were you aware that you were missing out on something this insane? Were you pissed? Were you annoyed?" Peter Rosenberg responded. "Yeah initially, but then I also got to f---ing see that all this s--- isn't fun all the time." Earl, of course, was speaking of the block that he grew up on. An area of Los Angeles where he could skate and mess around on the pavement until the sun went down. But with the group's rise in fame, Sweatshirt can't walk through his home turf without fans asking for pictures and autographs. (The Boom Box)

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