Singled Out: "I Had A Tribe Called Quest Loop That I Really Loved"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 1:59PM

Written by SOHH for Teedra Moses

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After N.O.R.E. broke down his Wale-assisted "Get Her" anthem, Maybach Music singer Teedra Moses shares her love of A Tribe Called Quest and discusses the track, "Another LuvR" remix with Wale]

In my music, I've been with it for a long time, so I kind of just nurture it and my objective is to let people hear it and make their own opinion.

The most recent project I released was Luxurious Undergrind. I pulled that record together because I knew I wanted to do it, but I decided at the very last second that I was gonna put it out on July 4th.

I had records, I always make records and I pulled together my favorite records over a long period of time. Just like with The Lioness: Any project I put out is not something I made just yesterday because your at different places in your life at different times, so if I just give you everything from the past 15 minutes you're only getting that past 15 minutes of your life. So my process is to look at records and to hold onto records, that's why I put 'em out at different times.

I reached out to some people for records ... I had a Tribe Called Quest loop that I really loved. I just love Tribe Called Quest. That's like my favorite group of all time. I got the loop from the song "Excursions" and I sent it to my homeboy Donny Cash -- I wrote the song to the loop -- and he put the beat together. We got it how I wanted it and then I went to the studio and sang everything.

I make records like that on projects. I get the loop from this person, I get another person to put a beat on it and that's really how we put together records. That last project was so much fun because I had a crunch time to do it. That's why I call 'em mixtapes, because if it's not of the sonic quality, I don't think it should be called an album.

That's how I put together that mixtape: Kinda putting everything together in three days. I don't need a party in the studio when I'm recording. Some people need that, but I'm there to work. I don't need candles and all that sh*t, I just need a really good engineer that's quick and that's like a fly on the wall. And I need some type of intoxicant, whether it's wine or whatever, that just relaxes me. That and a quiet, empty space. Oh. And good tracks. Some of my friends in Miami that've never seen me in the studio came back to watch how I do it. When I'm recording, I don't see nobody, I don't hear nobody: I'm havin' so much fun doing it.

Check out "Another LuvR" with Wale below:

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