News: Hulk Hogan's Ex-Wife Gets Rap Love, Expected To Become Hip-Hop "MILF"

Monday, May 21, 2012 11:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Renowned wrestler Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda Hogan is making headlines with reports claiming singer/rapper Ricky Romance has scooped her up to star in his new "MILF" music video.

According to Romance, he actually penned "MILF" in the newly single woman's honor.

She hasn't even been single for a week ... but Linda Hogan has already found a famous gentleman caller ... who just booked the 52-year-old to star in a music video about a "MILF." TMZ has learned ... Hulk's ex is in talks with hip hop artist Ricky Romance -- who says he wrote the song "MILF" specifically for Linda ... including the following lyric: "I guarantee you'll forget about that divorce the moment we roll out in my Porsche ... I'll beat it of course, yeah, daddy do that ... looks like Stella just got her groove back." Romance tells TMZ ... "I'm in love with [Linda]. I wrote the song for her hoping to get her attention ... it's a perfect time since she is single now." He adds, "I hope to marry her and have our first child by next year." We're told Romance hopes to begin production on the video by the end of the month. (TMZ)

Back in fall 2010, a promotional video showing Hulk Hogan spitting Notorious B.I.G. raps emerged online.

In a new promo video for the rap video game "Def Jam Rapstar," Hulk Hogan appears to flash his private parts in the presence of his 22-year-old daughter, Brooke. The former pro wrestler is in the midst of "singing" a Notorious B.I.G. track when Brooke asks him if he can do a booty dance. Soon after she shakes her money maker, the Hulk leans back, rifles through his shorts and then shakes his nether regions at the camera. (New York Daily News)

In the clip, Hulk also added his own lyrics to B.I.G.'s 1990's Ready To Die hit single.

"No, this song is dedicated to you, Biggie Smalls," Hulk says in the promo trailer. "It was all a dream. It's all about Biggie Smalls, keep it real. I've been hustling my whole life, too, dawg. You do your thing, Biggie Smalls and I'll do mine. We're both super stars, driving big, bad cars. You know what you're gonna do brother. Those are my words. I've blown up like I thought I would, call the crib, same hood, it's all good, uh." (Def Jam Rap Star)

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross put the bond between hip-hop and wrestling on full blast last January.

You might disagree, but to me, Rick Ross belongs to the upper class of celebrity that I can't imagine doing normal people things. Like, I can't imagine Prince running to the convenience store to buy a half gallon of milk. I can't imagine Jay-Z going to Target to buy a heated blanket and a candle. It's impossible to imagine those people interacting with normal folks. So, the fact that Rick Ross was just chilling with some of his people at the most recent pay-per-view for second-tier wrestling promotion TNA (TNA: Genesis), rubbing his hands and high-fiving wrestlers is about the funniest thing I've seen all day. Like, shouldn't he be running his Wing Stop franchise, or "dealing cocaine," or being a boss in some capacity that doesn't involve high fiving dudes in sweater vest coats or wearing cargo pants? Maybe those People articles are right: Celebrities are just like us! (Prefix Mag)

Check out "MILF" below:

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