5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Good Wood NYC: "We're Doing Some Pharaoh Pieces That Resemble Ancient Times Of Being Back In Egyptian culture."

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 12:05AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Chris Lee

[With the bling going out and all-wood-everything making its way to the forefront, Chris Lee, marketing manager for Good Wood NYC is here to give you the top five reasons you need to step your wood game up.]

1. Women's Collection

For the summer collection we're doing a lot of different things. We have a women's line coming out [which] is a completely separate line from the Good Wood actual men's collection. Coming out area a lot of different beaded things. Instead of using regular wooden beads we use different types of beads as well. There are some gold-plated beads that break apart the bracelets [and] we're also releasing these square bracelets. Instead of being a round circle, it's a square bracelet with different colors. It's very colorful for women.

2. Ancient Culture

For the summer line we've done a lot of different pieces. We're doing some Pharaoh pieces that resemble ancient times of being back in Egyptian culture. We'll having pendants dropping, [and] iPhone cases as well.

3. Premium & Select

We're launching a [new] product through Good Wood Select, which is our hot, premium men's line. And pretty much what that is, is shot glasses that come in unique patterns. There's four shot glasses that come on a piece of would and the shot glasses have a laser engrave on the glass and it comes with the collection. That we're releasing later this summer.

4. All Of The Lights

We have a lot of camel pieces coming out--a lot of patterns, a lot of neon for our summer collection. It will be a little neon collection.

5. Customized iPhone Casing

We're focusing on our iPhone cases for the design. I feel like these are our strongest designs for iPhone cases--just the themes of them, they're fun and the really represent summer very well. Out of six styles, we offer three different colors--black, white and natural.

You Decide. Will you to puchase clothing that all your friends won't have?

To purchase your own pieces from the Good Wood NYC collection, click here.

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