5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: FLX Phone: "2Chainz Came To Us With The Idea...Took The Trend & Kind Of Made It Into His Own."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 12:15AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Jarvis Ross

[Everyone's seen 2Chainz with the old school receiver attached to his cell phones, but how long have you asked yourself, 'What in the world is that?' Well, Jarvis Ross, general manager of FLX Phone, is here to give all the details on the "2Chainz Phone," and five reasons why you should make sure you have one attached to your cell phone.]

1. Radiation Free

It's a headset for your phone. The main use of the phone is for people who want to cut down on radiation using their phones, so they use the headset. [It's compatible with] Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and it connects through your headphones plug at the top [of the phone].

2. 2Chainz

The phone is sponsored by 2Chainz, and it is a 2Chainz product. 2Chainz came to us with the idea to make the phone more marketable, and launching it past Atlanta and the Southeast region. 2Chainz is a very diverse person, and is always up on trends and finding ways to be different from other rappers and other entertainers. He came to us with the idea, and put a marketing plan behind it. We're doing more and more online orders, and looking to get into more boutiques and stores around the country.

3. Colorful Designs & Holster Ready

It's a sleek design. [The phones] come in black, white, blue, pink, red, green, yellow and purple. We also have holsters for the phones so the phone won't just be in your pocket. When you get done using it, you can just put it in the holster on your side. We have [the holster] in brown, and getting ready to release the black one.

4. Hip-Hop Trendy

The idea [for the phones] was already in progress [before 2Chainz], but it was his idea to make it more of a hip-hop brand. He took the trend and made it into his own. So we wanted to make it, and take it to a different marketplace--which we've done.

5. Straight From The Streets

The FLX Phone is just [one] product of FLX. We're looking to launch other products with other groups and other artists...anything that has to do with hip-hop, it started in the streets. It started in the underground with just one person saying, "Yeah, I wanna do this," and it caught on as a trend. It's about being original, and it's about being different.

You Decide. Will you be the next to buy 2Chainz radiation-free handset?

To purchase your own FLX Phone, just click here.

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