5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Elana Orlin: "It's Not Just The Celebrity Who Has The Advantage Of Having Something On That Everybody Else Can't Afford And Still Look Great In."

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 12:10AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Deryck Vanderbilt-Nicholson

[With global warming in full effect, everyone's always on the look out for transitional clothing--something they can wear in the summer and still rock it in the fall. Well, Deryck Vanderbilt-Nicholson, junior publicist and representative for Elana Orlin, is here to break down the top five reasons to buy her collection this and every season.]

1. Leather's Not Just For One Season Anymore

They're good transitional pieces between seasons. I know a lot people only associate leather as being for the Spring--the fact that you have a leather belt or you have a leather jacket or you have a leather hat or you have the necklaces or the chain belt...[we] think that they're great pieces to wear from season to season. In addition to things that you never get tired of. When Elana created the line, her inspiration was that she wanted pieces that would very much be ready-to-wear, and contemporary pieces with that high-fashion feel for the celebrity to the taste maker to the everyday consumer.

2. For More Than Just Your Closet

They're staple pieces. Some people, if they're not into fashion, they don't know that. Staple pieces are very important. You can't have a bunch of expensive pieces, but if you have the money to [then] of course, but your normal consumer--or the consumer that's going to buy more than one or more than two--is not going to buy a lot of pieces that are on the high end of the scale. There's something in it for everyboy. It's not one of those pieces that you buy, and then you wear it and then you're like, 'Oh, I can't wear that again.' That's really important.

3. Unique To All

It's definitely fresh and new. Although her designs are often compared to the high-fashion designer, Rick Owens, Elana hones in on a different way to present her ready-to-wear leather and accessory collection. It's one thing to be a designer and this is what you've wanted to be since the time you were five, and then you come out and you don't have much experience or don't know who your consumer is or who your demographic is...if you don't know much about Elana she's been doing a lot of styling and she's been doing a lot of television as well as a couple movies, so she understands that consumer and she understands what people want. She understands how things should feel when you wear clothes. And it's not something you're going to see on every single body. You're not gonna walk down the street and see people wearing the same piece twice.

4. Red-Carpet Ready And Street Inclined

There are price points to accommodate the various consumer. Every celebrity is looking to be a trendsetter and have something that someone else doesn't have. [Elana's] collection definitely filters down into that need. The industry professional who works at a magazine or works at Def Jam or works at Roc Nation or works for Warner as well as the tastemaker who doesn't necessarily have a job in the industry or behind an artist...Elana's collection satisfies all different needs. That's very rare when it comes to a collection. Jay-Z is a great example of that with what he did with Roc-A-Wear. Roc-A-Wear in the '90s is not Roc-A-Wear in 2013. Elana does an excellent job of satisfying all those needs no matter who you are.

5. Quality And Not Quantity

When you buy pieces, you want to invest in classic pieces--classic staple pieces, classic transitional pieces, classic pieces that are fresh and new, classic pieces that aren't too pricey. Elana creates custom, one-of-a-kind pieces and mass production doesn't exist. When you have people feeling like, 'I don't want to look like everyone else walking down the street,' that gives her line the upper hand. It's not just the celebrity who has the advantage of having something on that everybody else can't afford and still look great in.

You Decide. Will you to puchase clothing that all your friends won't have?

To check out Elana Orlin's transitional leather collection, click here.

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