5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Dyson Bladeless Fan: "[The Creation] Took About Five Years. It's The First One We Did, So Obviously The First Time You Do Anything, It Takes A Little Bit Longer."

Monday, May 28, 2012 12:20AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Rob Green

[As Memorial Day gets underway, people are flocking to their grills, neighboring beaches and park-side barbeques. But as the flames heat up, you probably aren't cooling down. So Dyson engineer, Rob Green is here to tell you five reasons why you should purchase Dyson's Bladeless Fan.]

1. Chop Free

The biggest reason behind the whole reinvention of the fan is the smooth air flow side to it...As you can see, it's a bladeless, ringed loop where the air comes out. The nice thing with this is it gives us an uninterrupted stream of air, so unlike conventional fans which rely on blades to move the air...which causes a buffering effect as each of the blades chops through the air, so the main reason in redesigning is the smooth air flow. [The creation] took about five years. It's the first one we did, so obviously the first time you do anything, it takes a little bit longer.

2. Safety Factor

There are no exposed, spinning blades or fast-moving parts which is fantastic for safety factors for anybody [and] any use. Anywhere where you don't have an exposed, fast-spinning object is usually a great safety factor.

3. Hands-Free Clean Up

Because we have no blade, there's no need for grills--with conventional fans you usually have a wire-meshed grill that you have to take off. Then you have to reach the blades and clean the blades, then clean the grill itself. Because the air's coming out of this loop, in terms of cleaning it, it just takes wiping. So the cleaning is a good advantage.

4. Precise Controls

This comes across as a lot of different things. The controls are all about the direction and the power of the airflow, so the machine has an easy touch-tilt on it and what this means is it pivots around the center its center of gravity. There's no need to undo any screws or latches.

5. Efficiency

For every one unit of air that's brought into the base--at the bottom of the product--the air that's brought in through loop and around the outside of it replaces 15 times the air that's brought in from the bottom. What this means is it's a much more efficient way of moving the air. This is what happens through a lot of physics and aerodynamics. The way we're blowing the air out...it sticks to that surface, and it brings more air in through the middle.

You Decide. Will you be the next to buy a bladeless fan?

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