5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Dissizit: "You Got A Problem? So Does Dissizit! Fighting The Machine Is A Way Of Life"

Friday, May 18, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Orlando Aguillen

[With the weekend on deck and summer creeping around the corner, Dissizit clothing sales rep Wylie gives you five reasons to check out the official brand of the true B-Boy.]

1. So Slick With It

[Frequent contributor] Slick is the man! Paving the way and cutting edges for years, Slick has proven to be a visionary artist whose iconic images have become fixtures in popular culture. Slick is famous for clear, bold graphics laced with clever messages that challenges the status quo and illustrates the duality of life. If you want to catch a breaking wave on the underground stay up to date with the Hawaiian born, Los Angeles crowned king of style.

2. Knock Out Punches

Quality! Eight years and going strong, the brand has been consistent delivering knock out collections year after year. Every season adds new styles and works to refine the fit and fabric of key pieces. The collections are getting bigger, now including custom cut and sew button ups, outer wear, denim and shoes!

3. Mean & Gritty Like The City

You got a problem? So does Dissizit! Fighting the machine is a way of life. Dissizit is the voice for anyone who has ever wanted to kill the system. Dissent is patriotic, making a statement with your personal style is one of the last frontiers in a world dominated by corporate noise! Express yourself, stand out and stand up! If you want to represent something different, treat yourself to some pieces from the most disrespectful brand around!

4. The Bottom Line...

Dissizit is hard core! The brand pays respect to the fundamental values of street culture. Dissizit! Delivers a potent statement reeking of sarcasm and rebellion balanced with proud declarations celebrating the guilty pleasures of underground life.

5. We Major? Nah, We Indie!

Support independent business! Vote in the marketplace, know the difference between corporate owned labels and artist owned brands. Pay your respect to underground pioneers and keep your dollars in the community. Participate in your culture.

You Decide. Will you get your hands on some Dissizit merchandise?

To purchase some Dissizit gear, just click here.

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