5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: chicBuds: "[It's] The First All-Woman-Run Electronics Company."

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 12:25AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Megan R

[Introduced as the first all-woman electronics company on the market, chicBuds is here as the first brand to offer affordable, custom pattern earbuds. Don't believe me? Check out chicBuds rep, Megan R's top five reasons why should buy these vibrant, comfortably fit earbuds.]

1. Tangle Free

The flat cord design is actually an anti-stick material. They don't stick the way normal cylinder earbuds do. They're very tangle resistant, so you can just throw them in your bag or purse whenever you're done using them without having to wind them up or nicely coil them. You can pull them right back out when you're ready to use them, and they won't be in a tangled mess. They just sit there.

2. Custom Designs

chicBuds is the first company to ever print on flat cords. Other companies have made [the flat cords] in solid colors, but they have never been able to print any kinds of design on them. [But] we can actually print anything on them--any kind of designer patterns. We have people that actually put their logos on them as well, [especially] large companies who want to use them as promo items. We've patented the technology to do that. A lot of people have tried, but the pattern never stays on. That's our claim to fame.

3. All Woman Everything

chicBuds is the first all-woman-run electronics company. We have lines of different earbuds and speakers, and they are all run by women. The founders are actually two women...that wanted to come up with a product that they themselves needed because they couldn't find anything that was of good quality, affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Sound Control

They have really good sound, especially for their price point. I don't want to spend $200 on a pair of headphones or earbuds, that just kind of sounds crazy to me, so it's really nice that these are only $29.99 and sound really good.

5. Silicon Love

[The earbuds] have a silicon ear tip instead of the hard plastic, and it actually comes in three sizes--small, medium and large. If you have a smaller or bigger ear canal, you can make sure [the buds] fit nicely.

You Decide. Will you be the next one to purchase from the first all-woman's electronic company?

To purchase your own chicBuds, just click here.

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