5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Audio Stepchild: "We Even Had Krayzie Bone In The Studio!"

Thursday, May 3, 2012 12:05AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Audio Stepchild

[Homegrown, Kentucky-born hip-hop group, Audio Stepchild is gearing up for the release of their latest album, Every Coincidence Is Significant. Slated to his stores May 22, and currently available for pre-order, this eclectic group of musicians are here to tell you five reasons you need to cop this asap!]

1. Buffalo Stille

The main reason we want people to get the record is because of this guy's verse, Buffalo Stille [aka B. Stille], on the song, "Sofa Bed." "This isn't more or less special than anything I've done...it was a different side of me that I don't really get to display in Nappy Roots songs. A lot of people wonder why I wear the cowboy hat, I talk about that. And if you've had a wild night, I pretty much described it. It's a feel-good song and a lot of people are gonna laugh on every line." --Buffalo Stille

2. MC Breed

Chad [Kiser] brought in MC Breed for the Audio Stepchild record. That's why the album is called Every Coincidence is Significant, because it kind of centered out [his recording].] "The reason to buy [the album] is MC Breed. I brought MC Breed in shortly after he collapsed in the studio in Atlanta...we sitting there talking and I just met him kind of going through the motions and the feelings of what he was experiencing and everything. We recorded just so we had something down kinda to do whatever, and it actually ended up being one of the last recordings MC Breed ever was on..." --Chad Kiser

3. Breaking The Norm

"Sonically when we put this record together, it was kind of a culmination of efforts where there were so many different artists, so many different sounds and inspirations...you go into the studio thinking we're gonna make a rock record, we're gonna make a hip-hop record, so from the jump you're kinda thinking from inside a certain box. We wanted to create something freeform and not necessarily constrained by the restrictions of a given genre of music." --Atlas Jenkins

4. Royal Flush

"First, it's a great record! It was a lot of fun sitting with Audio Stepchild and coming up with concepts. We even had Krayzie Bone in the studio, and he kinda helped me out with ideas and concepts. Plus, the cover art is amazing! It was kinda inspired by a tattoo that was on a musician at Paisley Park Studios, and that's like Prince! A Prince connection, and Prince is like the man--and my future husband!" --Nasim

5. Lights, Camera, Action

"We did the song "Sofa Bed" with B. Stille, and they were shooting the video--and we haven't even brought it out yet--but one of the guys who was in the video dies during the filming of this video with B. Stille and the other rapper. It was a crazy experience. That's my mission, to carry on that legacy." --Michael Bentley

You Decide. Is it worth your buy?

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