Guest Star: "After I Put The Record Out, Adult Swim Had Contacted Me. They Said They Were Interested..."

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 12:16PM

Written by SOHH for Richie Branson

[With his new "#BringBackToonami" campaign in full effect, Texas hip-hop artist Richie Branson explains how an anime cartoon tribute track caught the attention of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.]

I had dropped this mixtape about [anime cartoon] 'Gundam Wing' about two weeks before April Fool's Day, March 20th. The mixtape is really about my love for 'Gundam Wing' because it's probably my favorite show of all-time for me. I've watched every episode. That's one of those shows I came home from school and watched it.

So I remember on April Fool's night, I started getting phone calls from people who knew I just put out the 'Gundam Wing' mixtape and people were hitting me up saying, "Yo Richie, 'Gundam Wing' is on right now. What the f*ck?" I turned on the TV and I see f*cking 'Gundam Wing' and the whole Toonami thing going on. I'm like, "Did they really just bring it back." I didn't realize it was an April's Fools thing because it was such a surreal moment.

I'm sitting here like, "This really brought me back ten years. This sucks that it's probably the last time we'll ever get to see Toonami." I guess the nostalgia was so overwhelming to me that I said I would just make a "Bring Back Toonami" song. I saw a lot of people were getting on that "Bring Back Toonami" Twitter trend and they were really trying to make sh*t happen. So I decided to go ahead and make a song and make it good. I saw that nobody else did it so I was like, "F*ck it, I'm gong to do it."

I dropped it that Tuesday morning and sent it out to some of my anime sites contacts. It's funny because I didn't get as much coverage as I do for the other raps I put out. I was kind of like, 'Man, nobody's speaking on the 'Toonami' record." People were tweeting about it and I think because it had the "Bring Back Toonami" hashtag in the song title, whenever somebody would retweet it, it'd show up in the hash tags automatically.

From the morning I released it, Adult Swim had tweeted about it and other people over there. The guy who does the voiceover for Toonami also tweeted about it. It was pretty crazy. By that evening, after I put out the record, Adult Swim had contacted me. They said they were interested in possibly doing something with that song on TV.

They actually aired a commercial bumper with the song on Sunday and they've been playing it all week. Every night on Adult Swim, they're promoting the song and giving a link to where you can download it. It's one of those things that's really going to catch people and have them say, 'Hold up, what's that?'

I don't know what type of impact it's going to have on Toonami, per se, but at the very least, it's definitely going to make waves amongst those who want to see Toonami win.

Richie is an extremely versatile artist/producer who has already made some noise in the music industry. In 2009 he formed a music production company with his cousin, music producer Jeremy "J.Forbes" Brown. Within months, Red Prodigy's signature sound was already being co-signed by top executives in the music industry. Def Jam's President, L.A. Reid, personally offered a record deal to one of Red Prodigy's artists, Demarcus "Bone" Hamilton, after hearing two of Bone's songs, both of which were produced by Richie and J. Forbes. Red Prodigy produced Bone's smash debut single "Homegurl" which stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 Hip-Hop/R&B charts for 19 weeks and reached a radio audience of over 9 million people. Eventually, Red Prodigy would go on to do production work with industry artists from around the nation including Chalie Boy, Slim Thug, The Dream, Bun B, and Rick Ross.

Check out "#BringBackToonami" below:

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