News: Young Money's Tyga Addresses Chris Brown iPhone Theft Allegations [Video]

Sunday, Apr 1, 2012 11:23AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money rapper Tyga was recently approached by media in relation to his association to R&B singer Chris Brown weeks after getting accused of stealing a woman's iPhone.

Rathern than open up on the matter, Tyga had some less than flattering comments when asked about Breezy.

"Rack City" rapper Tyga is far from thrilled that his buddy Chris Brown could be facing legal trouble for allegedly stealing a Florida woman's iPhone. Tyga was with Brown in Miami last month when he reportedly snatched the smart phone from a fan who tried to take his picture. Because the value of the phone is more than $500, Brown could face a felony theft charge if state prosecutors decide to press charges. RumorFix caught up with Tyga and asked him about the incident, and to no surprise, he wasn't feeling cheery about the looming investigation. "All for a $20 iPhone? 20 racks, f*ck you," the rapper told our photographer. We're not sure what "20 racks" means, and chances are he doesn't either -- and something else he doesn't seem to know much about is the value of an iPhone, since they don't retail anywhere in the world for $20. (RumorFix)

Details of the alleged incident landed online around late February.

Chris Brown has been accused of angrily snatching some girl's iPhone outside a nightclub in Miami this weekend ... and driving off with it -- law enforcement tells TMZ. A rep for the Miami Beach PD tells TMZ, 24-year-old Christal Spann filed a police report Sunday for "robbery by snatching" -- claiming she followed Chris and rapper Tyga out of Cameo nightclub early in the morning ... and snapped a picture of Chris getting into his Bentley. Christal told cops ... Chris flipped out when he saw her camera phone-- then grabbed it through the car window, saying, "B*tch, you're not gonna put that on the Internet." (TMZ)

Despite the situation's seriousness, the singer was not wanted by police.

According to the police report, Chris then rolled up his window and drove off -- $500 iPhone in hand. A rep for the Miami Beach PD tells us, no arrests have been made and no warrant has been issued yet. We're told the incident is currently under investigation. BTW, Chris is still on probation for the Rihanna beating and if he's arrested he could be thrown in jail on a probation violation. Calls to Chris' reps were not returned. (TMZ)

Outside of Brown-related news, Tyga recently graced the cover of Urban Ink magazine.

Tyga seems to keep his love life on the low, but he's been spotted around at events with his lady friend that we all know as Blac Chyna. Now they're looking pretty official on the March 13th cover of "Urban Ink" Magazine. Blac Chyna has been known for her skills on the pole over at King of Diamonds strip club, but now it looks like she's getting some more recognition in the hip hop world. Tyga is just rocking his usual, snapback hat, chains and an iced out watch to accentuate all of his body art covering his entire torso. Inside the pages of the 25th edition of Urban Ink the two love birds talk about how they first met and even touched on what their respective tattoos mean. (Fresh Like Dougie)

Check out Tyga getting asked about Chris Brown below:

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