News: Young Gunz's Neef Promises Game Feud Over, "Sometimes W/ Beef, It's Just Rap"

Monday, Apr 9, 2012 5:16PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Gunz estranged member Neef recently talked about his hiatus from the music spotlight and why fans no longer have to worry about an active beef with one-time rap rival Game.

According to Neef, feuds with artists like Game and The LOX are things of the past.

"[Young Chris] was recently in L.A. and he ran into Game and they took a picture and everything and sent it to me. Sometimes with beef, it's just rap. We got older and a lot more mature," Neef promised in an interview. "Back in the day we were going through it with the LOX and just running up to New York and bombing on Hot 97. We was running around and it was really on sight whenever we saw certain people. I even caught a case up in New York; I got caught with a gun. We was young and immature just running around and living. We didn't have any responsibility yet, but we do now, once we got a little money and people we gotta take care of that we gotta stay here for. We wasn't thinking at the time. A lot of people, it just be rap -- you do different things for attention, and I guess that's what it was." (BET)

He also updated fans on his whereabouts for over the past few years.

"For a minute I fell back from the game. We came up with a plan. My partner [Young Chris] was going to do a solo project. 'Cause I used to be in so many different things in the music game, helping other people out behind the scenes, and I was cool with that position. At the end of the day, it's money. I learned a long time ago, sometimes the people behind the desks make more money than the artists." (BET)

Game and Young Gunz's issues date back to the mid-2000's.

The Young Gunz were part of a public beef and a war of words with West Coast rapper, The Game. The feud stems from The Game's beef with Memphis Bleek, which escalated into a beef with the entire Roc-A-Fella camp with the exception of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Just Blaze. The Game dissed Bleek and The Young Gunz on his 15-minute freestyle track "300 Bars and Runnin'". The Young Gunz, along with Pooda Brown, responded with a freestyle of their own. Surprisingly, Chris & Neef also beefed with actor, comedian and now rapper, Katt "Money Mike" Wiliams. This beef stemmed from "Set It Off" by the Young Gunz, in which they called a character from a movie that Katt Williams played as, a "fake a** pimp." This beef was encouraged by The Game as he and Katt dissed the two on a Freestyle over their own "Set It Off" beat. (Wikipedia)

Last summer, Young Chris talked to SOHH about his bond with Neef.

"I ain't gonna lie, I was on the block with Neef a few days ago," Chris recently told SOHH. "We were just chilling. That's what we do, man. We didn't come into this rap game together, we came from the streets together so when [the media] talks 'Young Gunz not together,' that's nonsense. That's the most bullsh*t I've heard. That's my brother, man. Like for real. That's my brother. That's my family. That ain't going nowhere. Everybody's had their little problems with the music sh*t or whatever, but as far as coming from the streets -- that's family. Ain't no blood getting spilled. That ain't never gonna happen." (SOHH)

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