5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "We The Party": "You're Going To See Diddy's Son & Snoop Dogg's Son In There"

Friday, Apr 6, 2012 12:00AM

Written by SOHH for Mario Van Peebles

[With the new star-studded We The Party film finally in theaters, director Mario Van Peebles gives you five reasons to check out this perfect springtime flick.]

1. It's A Party, It's A Party

The first reason is because We The Party is just straight up crazy fun. You're seeing something that's real, authentic with real teenagers. There's some other films like Grease that has older actors playing younger characters, but in We The Party, there's real teenagers in it. It's not just my kids, you're going to see Diddy's son, the Wayans' kids, Snopp Dogg's son and more in there. So I would say this film is very legit. My first big reason is because this is a fun movie.

2. Keepin' It Real

The second reason is because I feel this is real. There's a level of authenticity to it. I based this on my kids and growing up around them and knowing what they're doing. They wanted to go to these all age clubs and parties like that and I was like "H*ll no, you can't go to those without me." So I went out with them, incog-negro but I made a deal with them that I wasn't going to go out there as their dad. I went as sort of a member of their entourage and they slammed me about my skinny jeans and hat. So I went out with them and into that world.

3. Let's Talk

The third reason is because we're not afraid to have a conversation with our young audience that society has already started. In other words, society has already started the conversation in hyper sexuality and hyper materialism with all of us very early in our lives. So we're saying deal with it. In the movie, there's a scene where a teacher points out how you might not be able to buy your identity at the mall or the car dealership. You might have to stand up for something and speak on it. The people we care about the most and respect the most are people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and who loved us and would even die with us. It's not just about people who have things like fancy cars.

4. Welcome To Our World

I think the other reason is that the movie gives insight into what young folks are doing today. You're really getting a peek into a world that you might not know. You might think, "Oh, I want to see what's happening," and sometimes it's good to know. In the film, you get a chance to have a close look at that world with your kids.

5. Vintage Vibes

The last reason is because it takes you back. This is not House Party and this is not 16 Candles or The Breakfast Club, but it does sort of rhyme with those. It's a lot of fun and we're keeping that tradition of doing it with love like those films did back in the day.

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