News: Tupac Shakur Hologram Sparks Late Rapper's Massive Record Sales Increase

Saturday, Apr 28, 2012 8:33AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Weeks after sparking non-stop talks surrounding an unforgettable performance, the much talked about Tupac Shakur Coachella hologram event has had an impact on the music mogul's record sales.

According to reports, records like Pac's greatest hits compilation have returned to the Top 200.

Tupac's 1998 album "Greatest Hits" returns to the Billboard 200 for the first time since 2000, as it jumps back in at No. 129 with 4,000 copies sold according to Nielsen SoundScan (a gain of 571% over the previous week). The MC's other albums also saw gains, including "All Eyez On Me" (2,000; up 95%) and "Me Against the World" (1,000; up 53%). (Billboard)

The April holographic performance also helped boost Pac's singles sales.

The late rapper's songs got a boost too. His biggest seller of the week was "Hail Mary" -- the song his projection opened with at Coachella. The song moved 13,000 downloads last week for a 1,530% sales increase. His second biggest seller was his No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit "California Love" (featuring Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman), shifting 11,000 downloads (119% increase). His third best-seller was the second Tupac song that was performed at Coachella -- "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted" (with Snoop). It sold 9,000 (up 881%). (Billboard)

Earlier in the week, Dr. Dre killed speculation suggesting the Pac performance was a segway to touring.

"What up, it's Doc Dre, backstage, Coachella, 2012 and I want to thank everybody out there for all the love and support," Dre said in an interview. "As you know, we had a hologram of Tupac Shakur show up as a part of our show. I want to thank a couple of companies out there that made my idea come to life. I want to say what's up to AV Concepts which actually projected the hologram. I want to say what's up to Digital Domain for actually putting the image together. They did an incredible job -- it was strictly for Coachella, get it right. I want to get rid of all the rumors out there. This was not done for a tour. If a tour happens, we'll see. This was done strictly for Coachella 2012, baby, just for you." (Interscope Geffen)

Not only getting co-signed by everyone from Nas to Wiz Khalifa, "King of the South" T.I. recently described the Pac hologram as a pure hip-hop moment.

"I think it adds to the experience of a show, man. I think it's technology used to benefit the consumer when they come to a concert," T.I. said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. "Basically, it was an 'Oh sh*t' moment. .... I'm really thinking, 'Wait a minute - if I could get this same technology to perform in three cities at one time, then that's another stream of revenue!' I could do six shows a night in six different places." (Shade 45)

Check out Dr. Dre speaking on the hologram below:

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