5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "True Story": "If You Like Floyd Mayweather, He Walks In Late & The Chaos Pursues"

Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Gary Owen

[With the new True Story stand-up special finally on store shelves, comedian Gary Owen gives you five reasons to kick back and let out some laughs with his latest DVD.]

1. Ask About Me

The first reason is because everyone who knows Gary Owen knows he's very funny. I'm speaking about myself in the third person. I'm like one of those guys where the comics know I'm funny. You get validated by the people but comics know I'm funny. You can ask any comic out there and they'll tell you, "Oh yeah, Gary's original. Gary's funny." I really don't think there's anyone who's talking about what I'm talking about.

2. Knock-out Punch

If you like Floyd Mayweather, he walks in late and the chaos pursues. We have surprise appearances. We filmed this in Las Vegas and I didn't know who was in the audience. I had no clue. But about thirty minutes into my set, forty people come walking in to the front row and not the back. I was wondering why this was a sold-out show and there was this pocket of empty seats in front of me with nobody in them. Floyd came walking in late and I had to address it. There was no way around it.

3. Raw & Uncut

I think another big reason is because it's one of the only times you get to see me uncut for over an hour. People may have seen me do a five-minute spot here or a ten-minute spot there, but when I've been on TV like with BET, there's commercials and you can't let loose. In this one, I don't have to filter anything.

4. A Million Ways

The fourth reason is because it's a cost-effective gift. You can give it to somebody for their birthday, any religious holiday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, any occasion you can think of. They're going to thank you for it afterward. You may have only paid $15 for it but it's going to seem like you paid for a $1,000 gift. In this DVD, I curse but I'm not nasty. I'm not talking "Ahhh, I came on her face!" I am cursing, but it's not nasty. It's nice to know that I had a say on this. With BET, I couldn't say certain things. I was able to go over the material and my direct input is on this.

5. Who Am I

The last reason you should get it is because you learn a lot about me as a person. People think I'm lying about the stuff I'm talking about. You get to see what I'm talking about and where I'm at with it. I wanted this DVD to be my calling card. When people are like, "What's Gary Owen like?," just pop in this DVD. It's more about my upbringing, how I got here, my parents' reaction to me marrying and being with a black chick. People think I'm lying. People think I'm lying about having a black wife just for a joke's sake and I'm not. I'm not lying about this stuff. In this DVD, you really get to know my backstory.

You Decide. Will you purchase True Story?

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