News: T.I. Gets Whatever He Likes, Judge Gives King of the South More Freedom

Wednesday, Apr 18, 2012 12:55PM

Written by Biz Jones

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is reportedly doing so well on his current probation, that a judge has loosened up his travel restrictions outside of Georgia.

According to reports, Tip has been nothing less than the model probationer.

T.I.'s probation officer submitted the request to extend the rapper's out-of-state travel allowance from 7 to 12 days -- and yesterday, a judge signed off on it. According to the probation officer's letter, T.I. has been a model probationer -- staying on his best behavior the last few months ... even completing his required drug/alcohol counseling program. T.I. has approximately five months left of supervised release -- after spending several months behind bars for a probation violation last year, stemming from his 2009 gun conviction. (TMZ)

With more flexibility to roam, Tip may continue piecing together his upcoming new album, Trouble Man.

The expanded freedoms come at a convenient time, as T.I. is nearing the release of his eighth full-length album, Trouble Man. "The album is about 75 percent done. We got a lot of hot, old-school, vintage T.I. records on there," Tip told MTV News back in December while promoting his F--- Da City Up mixtape. "We got those over-the-top crossover records as well, big features and whatnot that we plan on putting into play. I got one with Akon, did a few records with Rico Love. Man, I got records with just about everybody," he said. "We just putting it together, we done did about 70 records." (MTV)

Last September, Tip was released from jail after spending time behind bars on a probation violation.

Attorney Steven Sadow told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., was released between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. and will remain at the Dismas Charities Atlanta halfway house until he is freed from federal custody Sept. 29. Sadow said after he is freed, the rapper will have one year of supervised release. He also faces travel restrictions. (Access Atlanta)

Former Atlanta Falcons football star Deion Sanders previously talked to SOHH and gave some words of encouragement to Tip for keeping a crime-free lifestyle.

"I would definitely keep God first," Sanders told SOHH when asked what advice he would give Tip. "Sometimes we have to redirect ourselves and just put God first. Every now and then, we can't contain [earthly] desires and therefore we get lost. And then we have to be redirected by trial and tribulation. But you don't want it to get to that point. Unfortunately, it does with so many of us. Not just with athletes and entertainers like T.I., but with everyday life as well. Something has to wake us up and alarm us that life is real and you're here for a purpose. Not just to consume time." (SOHH)

Check out some recent T.I. footage below:

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