News: "Thinking About Smacking Jay-Z In The Face As An Early Christmas Present"

Sunday, Apr 15, 2012 10:23AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

MTV personality Andy Milonakis is known for raising eyebrows and this weekend he caught the attention of West Coast rapper Game after jokingly threatening to smack up rap mogul Jay-Z sometime this year.

Taking to Twitter, the comedian embraced Game's attention and considered the consequences of rap beefs.

"Thinking about smacking Jay-Z in the face as an early Christmas present," Andy tweeted April 14th.
":@thegame F*ck these fools, freedom of speech, I'll talk sh*t about anyone in the world, they can eat a c*ck sandwich"
"@thegame Don't know him, but i aint gonna go ham on people that tell me about, but whoever I want to talk sh*t about I will, i aint a puppet"
"If someone ever shot and killed me over rap beef, it would be the funniest death in the history of mankind. :)"
"I'm just saying. everyone disses all the wack rappers. It's time someone is ballsy enough to tell the good ones to fuck themselves haha" (Andy Milonakis' Twitter)

Unable to contain himself, Game let out some viral laughs over Andy's remarks.

"RT @AndyMilonakis: hahaa @thegame retweeting bout me smacking Jay-Z. Uh oh, I better say sorry. WAIT, I FORGOT. I TRULY DON'T GIVE A F*CK !," he retweeted.
"@AndyMilonakis yo lil a** krazy blood ha ha ha..." (Game's Twitter)

Last summer, Game offered his take on why Jay gave him the silent treatment after getting dissed on his "Uncle Otis" record.

"'Jay' rhymes with a lot of words," Game said in an interview. "So whenever you're writing, it always pops in somehow or another. I shoot shots in the dark sometimes, but they ain't to be taken personal...Certain people you know that ain't gonna respond -- I don't think Hov is gonna respond, and if he does, it'll be another shot in the dark subliminally or indirect, and I think that's cool because Hov is a legend." (MTV)

On "Uncle Otis," Game goes after Jay's neck and also warns Kanye West about working with him.

"Here's a dome shot to this n*gga named Otis/ N*ggas think they the coldest, but n*gga you just the oldest/ N*ggas just be chasin' their youth, but it's gone/ Yo 'Ye this n*gga ain't even wanna put you on." ("Uncle Otis")

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