5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "The Twits. Real Celebrities. Real Tweets. Real Funny": "You'll See How 50 Cent Took It To A Whole New Level"

Thursday, Apr 26, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Source Books Team

[With over 1 million Twitter users speaking their minds daily, celebrities are no exception. Here are five reasons why you should buy The Twits, a book that offers up a compilation of the most comical Tweets from your favorite celebrities.]

1. No Need To Twitter Stalk

No longer do you have to hide your guilty pleasure of keeping up to date with your favorite celebrities on Twitter. From Soulja Boy to the "Real House Wives of Atlanta," The Twits has hundreds of the most funny, offensive, and just plain crazy tweets you'll ever see. Readers can expect to see ridiculously raunchy tweets from Soulja Boy...much similar to his song lyrics.

2. Twitter Beefin'

Twitter is just not Twitter without the occasional celebrity feud. The Twits is packed with feuds galore, from Demi Moore versus Kim Kardashian, to Kanye West versus...well just about everyone. Celebrities battle it out on Twitter and let us know how they really feel! Kanye's tweets are no different than his real life actions...they are vocal, overly opinionated, and cray!

3. The Twits Is A First Of Its Kind

The Twits is in a league of its own, it's the first ever book to compile top celebrity tweets. Everyday there's another celebrity in trouble for something they said on Twitter. Nowhere else can you go and get the most exciting tweets new and old. There are lots of hip-hop artists on Twitter but The Twits chose the ones that have a ton of followers and as well as tons of interesting things to say. I think they use Twitter as an extended form of expression just like their music.

4. Real, Unedited & Uncut

All of the Tweets are left as is, misspellings and all, to make for an unprecedented look at the celebrity Twits on Twitter. We even have the ones they deleted! We want the readers to see and feel the celebs tweets just as they expressed them, to keep them authentic, raw, and real!


The funniest, the dumbest and most ridiculous celebrity tweets are all here, in one spot. Celebrity tweets provide just about as much straight-up nonsense as we can possibly handle. It's insanely funny! You'll see how 50 Cent took it to a whole new level when he made a Twitter account for his dog. It just goes to show you..anything goes on Twitter!

You Decide. Will you purchase The Twits?

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