Singled Out: "The Record Is Such A Great Fit. Future Laid His Verse Down In Less Than 10 Minutes"

Tuesday, Apr 3, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Myko

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After David Banner explained the new "Believe," singer Myko breaks down his new Future-assisted "Okay, Okay" anthem.]

The situation with "Okay, Okay" came together from me looking for a single and I had been working with a lot of producers out in Miami and in the Los Angeles area. But I had a good relationship with Cool & Dre and they ended up coming through.

I ended up chilling with Cool along with Dre for a minute. They were asking me what type of sound was I looking for. We came across this particular beat and I just thought it had the craziest feel to it. So I was like, "Let's play this some more." I just knew this was the one. I think the track took us probalby about two and a half weeks to get everything taken care of and lined up. It was just scheduling studio time, shows and other things.

It felt like it had a crazy skateboard feel to it. We did the record in no time and it just came out amazing. I was thinking, "Who would really fit on this record? Who could be a good fit?" There were a couple people that had things popping at the moment but with me being from Atlanta, I knew Future would be a good fit.

Right at that point, he was taking over the A and buzzing in the Miami area. He had also been taking some meetings in New York so it was just a great situation. I linked up with him in the studio back in Atlanta and we kicked it for a minute.

The record is such a great fit. Future laid his verse down in less than ten minutes. We spent the rest of the time just chilling while the record was getting mixed. Those things don't normally happen like that. It happened so quick.

Making the decision to put his love of music and performing into the forefront, a chance meeting with Kansas City Chief's Thomas Jones, changed both their lives forever when Jones enlisted Myko for his Independently Major record company as his star artist. After traveling the globe working with the such impressive acts like Jason Derulo, the late Static Major, the Underdogs, Cool & Dre and more, Myko developed a strong knowledge of songwriting and vocal arrangements. Add to that great records like the Pop smash "Nothing I Won't Do," and Atlanta heat seeker "OK OK" produced by Cool & Dre and featuring Atlanta's own Future, and it's clear destiny has begun to make Myko a worldwide star.

Check out "Okay, Okay" below:

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