5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Street By 50 In-Ear Headphones: "We're An Audio Company & Not Just A Rapper's Headphone Company"

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Brian Nohe

[With the new SMS Audio Street By 50 in-ear headphones officially on store shelves, company president Brian Nohe gives you five reasons to consider checking out 50 Cent's newest set.]

1. You Like My Style

I think the first reason why you should consider getting these is because of the ergonomic design. We spent a lot of time getting these right in terms of the fit in terms of the ear canal. The design of these headphones are a big reason to consider getting them.

2. We Both Think Alike

The second reason is because when it comes to all of our products, we spend a lot of our time working on the tuning of the actual drivers. In this case, we're using an eleven millimeter driver. It's been worked as aggressively as what we spent time with the Sync By 50 and the over the ear products. The quality of the sound is terrific and like all of our products, we haven't tried to go bass heavy. We have tried to go sort of with a sound signature that works great if you're listening to hip-hop but it gives a terrific range of sound. Whether you're listening to Adele or 50 Cent, the signature is pretty good across all those types of music genres. We're an audio company and not just a rapper's headphone company. We're not trying to just be bass heavy and rapper type of music. We grow as our consumer group grows with age and demographics.

3. In Da Plug

We want our product to be stable in terms of how you can use it. When you look at the reinforced cables, you'll notice they are very cool. They're double-sided, flat cable, reinforced all the way through. That helps for the durability of the product. It really makes it a very durable product. You can really twist it and move it around.

4. Mic Check

Another reason is because it comes with the Apple control microphone. It allows you to control the volume and it also comes with a great carrying case. When you look at all of the fine detail with the headphones and everything that comes with it, you'll notice how much time we really invested into it. We think we also got the colors right. The blue, black and grey that we use are great and feel like they are great signature colors. A lot of people are really reacting well.

5. Position of Power

Another great thing is we're working with Feeding America. For every purchase made on our SMSAudio.com website, we contribute 250 meals through Feeding America to feed families in need throughout America. That is really a terrific thing that 50 does. He also does it with his Street King energy shot that he has out on the market.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new Street By 50 in-ear headphones?

To preview/purchase the headphones, just click here.

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