News: Scarface Puts Def Jam On Blast, "[They] Wouldn't Touch T.I." [Audio]

Friday, Apr 27, 2012 4:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Houston rap legend Scarface recently discussed his departure from Def Jam Records and revealed how out-of-touch the company was in terms of taking chances with now-famous stars during his run as Def Jam South President.

According to Face Mob, the iconic label would not consider adding Grammy-winning rapper T.I. to its roster during his tenure as an executive.

"I needed a bigger part of [Def Jam] and they wanted to play like I wasn't bringing business," Scarface said when asked about his Def Jam exit. "Everything that's hot right now is what I brought to Def Jam from Rick Ross to T.I. because you know, Def Jam wouldn't touch T.I." (WGCI)

Back in 2010, Scarface said he asked former Def Jam head L.A. Reid to be released.

"I think when the powers, Lyor [Cohen], Kevin [Liles] -- when everybody left Def Jam, when the wigs left, like, I was over there with LA Reid," Face revealed in an interview with radio personality EI8HT. "And I didn't know what kind of sh*t was getting ready to go on over there. So I wanted to save him the hassle of dealing with me because I know I'm not the easiest motherf*cker in the world to deal with. And I respect the move and the decisions that he made by releasing me because I asked him, man to man, to release me and he said, 'Well, you know I would like to at least sit-down and talk to you but if you still want to leave, I understand.' A couple of my friends got on that flight to see LA Reid, but I never got on it. I didn't feel the need to." ("Street Disciplez Radio")

He also admitted despite landing the position in the early 2000's, he exited before ex-president Jay-Z took over a few years later.

"I was long gone before Jay-Z took over. Then I was like oh sh*t, let me get my a** back over here. [laughs] We live with the decisions that we make and I was ready to get the f*ck on because I didn't feel like LA was gonna be for me. I felt like LA was a musician, an artist too, and I didn't really want anybody interfering with the way I thought about my music, the way I made up my sh*t. So I thought it would be best to part ways...If I could do it all again, I'd take that meeting with LA Reid and I'd still be over at Def Jam South, I'm sure because I don't know what's coming out on that label anymore." ("Street Disciplez Radio")

DJ Khaled was later made Def Jam South president around February 2009.

"This is what I've always wanted to do, is be an executive and take it to another level," Khaled told MTV. "L.A. [Reid] just hit me one day. He was like, 'We should bring Khaled on board. He makes hits, he has relationships.' I got a team of producers and we go in hard. My job is to bring hits to the table and work with new artists and work with established artists. I'm bringing new energy to the game and to the building." (Hiptics)

Check out Scarface's interview below:

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