5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Sacred Apparel: "Our Designs, Point Blank, Are Nasty"

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2012 12:05AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Twink

[North Carolina-grown, Sacred Apparel is a fashionable clothing line with message. And with almost eight years in the game, SA show blessings do come true. Twink, owner of SA dropped out of college to follow his passion for fashion, and after plenty of struggle and lots of prayer, he's here to tell you the top five reasons you should buy his line!]

1. Customized Creativity

Someone should buy Sacred Apparel [because] we're in the age that creativity and customization is the trend, so our brand brings both those things to the table. And adding a message to it also creates a trend all within itself.

2. SA If You're Nasty

Our designer who designs this [line], point blank, [is] nasty. Our design department is very artistic and uses a lot of creativity. We'll send out a few of our designs from time to time, and let our customers pick out which designs they think are the illest. After that, we match it up with a fly shirt, and then bam, you got a fresh SA tee.

3. Quality Control

We put out quality apparel, and we stand behind our name and brand 100% without trying to take heads off with the prices of our apparel. We don't buy any kind of tee just to make a buck. We actually take our time and search for the material we print on, and make sure it won't shrink or fade. [We] make sure that it will last wash after wash through the years.

4. A Little Something For Everybody

Our apparel appeals to all ages, and combines different genres, which attributes to the popularity of our clothing. We always keep a stylish look and feel--keepin' it fresh, holy and funky all at the same time.

5. Chari-TEE

The 5th and final reason you should support and rock Sacred Apparel is because a portion of each shirt sale is used to support different charities, organizations, people's families or whoever's in need of help and support. We believe in supporting the community, people in the community, and helping out troubled youth. We provide a bridge and an outlet, and just open up a bunch of doors with those by providing those needs to people.

You Decide. Will you purchase Sacred Apparel?

Wanna give back and look good doing it? Check out Sacred Apparel by clicking here.

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