News: Rakim Says Kanye West Makes Us Clap To That, "Kanye Has These Episodes [But] It's Because He's Passionate"

Monday, Apr 23, 2012 5:22PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap veteran Rakim recently talked about Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West's publicized explosive side and why his eye-catching moments are actually needed in hip-hop.

In Rakim's perspective, Yeezy often finds himself getting caught up in the passion of music-making.

"At the end of the day, you've really got to appreciate an artist that's really outspoken and feels like his music can change the world. Don't even go to the studio if you don't think that your music's going to do something. You're wasting your time and my time," Ra said in an interview. "You feel that in the award shows stuff where Kanye has these episodes, right? It's because he's passionate. If a lot of us don't take it that serious, then it's not going to be serious no more. People say, "That was his opinion, but he was so passionate about it," like that's bad. You've got to say, "Well, really?" We need that. We need the media to know that some of us are really passionate about music." (The Atlantic)

The New York rap veteran also said Ye is growing past his publicized outbursts.

"I think he's maturing, and I think he wants other people to see it, too. That kind of helps explain Kanye. I kind of hear in his rhymes. He's living hard, and he's maturing now, and I think he's seeing both sides of the fence. We need a few more Kanyes, people that's really passionate about hip-hop and who keep it alive," Ra added. "In the South, it's young down there. I know you don't like it, because you like old school New York hip-hop. But you can't knock them for the way they're shaping their rap culture, because it's a little different in different places. They don't have subway trains down there." (The Atlantic)

Earlier this month, Ye shunned media by not speaking at a "106 & Park" interview.

"That's my dog and he doesn't do press -- he didn't wanna do it period -- and they kind of forced his hand," 2 Chainz told MTV News of West's "106 and Park" appearance, from the set of MTV's "Hip Hop Squares. "I was like, 'You don't have to say nothing, bro,' because at the end of the day I knew he was up there supporting me, period." "I do a lot of things behind the scenes that people don't know [about], and they only see [what happens] on '106 and Park,' " 2 Chainz continued. "So that would've been another event where they wouldn't have known Kanye was back there, I wouldn't have name-dropped, that would've been part of my process of just working hard and grinding it out." (MTV)

Back in 2009, rap mogul Jay-Z came to Kanye's defense following his explosive Video Music Awards interruption of country singer Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.

"I feel fantastic, I just had my 11th number one album which beats Elvis, so I'm feeling like 'The King of Pop,' [laughs]," Hov said in an interview. "[Kanye is] like my little brother, I pretty much introduced him on the first Blueprint... He's just a super passionate person, and of course it was rude because it was her moment but that's how he really felt... I think it was rude, but I don't think, the way they're treating, it's on the front of every paper, he didn't kill anybody, like, no one got harmed... At the end of the day, we're gonna celebrate him for his passion... As he grows and matures, he's got to know how to balance that. He'll learn that in the years to come...That passion wasn't fake, it wasn't staged... I don't think he should lay low, I think he should go on tour and have a brilliant career...The thing you have to realize about it, he's been that passionate from his first record, he used to jump on tables, I'm trying to make the first Blueprint and he's jumping on tables. [laughs] If he had changed because of his success, then it would be something else, then it would be a different thing but he's always been that passionate." (BBC Radio)

Check out a recent Rakim interview below:

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