5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: PLNDR: "You'll See A New Look, New Feel, Incredible Design [&] Functionality"

Monday, Apr 30, 2012 12:05AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for PLNDR

[Leandrew and Heather, the good folks from PLNDR--the go-to online boutique--are celebrating two years of style! Shop today, and get entered to win a summer wardrobe. And while you're at it, catch the top five reasons you should shop PLNDR year round.]

1. We Don't Give A What Cause It's Our Birthday!

PLNDR turns two [today]. We have incredible brands going up, [and] incredible sales. It's the kind of thing that can only happen once a year. People who shop PLNDR regularly know that our deals are the lowest of the low because we just kill it so much! When they shop and see what we have in store for them on our [today]...they're gonna wanna shop immediately.

2. Celeb Style

We tapped some DJ, producers, rappers, celebs and icons from Karmaloop's family to curate sales directly, so you'll be able to go on our site and see amazing sales on items that these folks have actually chosen themselves. Some people that we have [are] Mick Boogie, Lil Debbie, DJ Sourmilk [from] Power 106 in L.A., Fly Union, Vice Magazine and [our own] Leandrew is curating a sale so you'll see what the original PLNDR likes to wear.

3. Web Appeal

We're launching a completely new site today. You'll see a new look, a new feel, incredible design [and] new functionality. Everything is gorgeous and sleek and chic! We're in our second year--terrible twos--but we really wanna show that evolution since we started. So when you log on, you'll see the new site and be absolutely blown away.

4. Everybody's Doing It

Our membership has soared so much in the past year! Around Valentine's Day we hit a million members, now we're just in April--two-and-a-half months later--and we're almost at two million. There's a reason everybody's flocking to PLNDR.

5. Summer Started Right

Two members who shop [it ends today]--a woman and a man--will get a brand new summer wardrobe from PLNDR and from Karmaloop. You're automatically entered when you shop until today [Monday, April 30] to win two new wardrobes--one from PLNDR and one from Karmaloop.

You Decide. Will you give PLNDR a shot?

To preview/join PLNDR, just click here.

SOHH/Plndr Contest:

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1 - Join  PLNDR & follow @PLNDER on Twitter.

2 - Beginning around 1 PM EST, check out SOHH's Twitter accounts for questions based on the five reasons you should check out Plndr. Make sure when you answer the question you include the hashtag #SOHHPlndr in your response. G'luck!

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