Guest Star: "Obviously If You're A Big Fan Of Me, You Know I'm A Fan Of Porn"

Monday, Apr 30, 2012 3:30PM

Written by SOHH for XV

[After raising eyebrows by recruiting adult film star Kristina Rose for his "U.F.C." smash, XV reveals just how he managed to put the XXX-clusive track together.]

You know what happened? Around the time I did "U.F.C.," that was actually a record I was making for the [upcoming] Awesome EP. Kristina Rose is just a friend of a photographer of mine. Obviously if you're a big fan of me, you know I'm a fan of porn.

Kristina Rose was basically in the area and my boy was like, "Yo, Kristina Rose want to come up and say what's up to you." So I was like, "Yeah, that's cool. She can come through and we can burn one." Of course she comes through and we smoke and we hang out.

Even though I'm a big fan of porn, it's like being a fan of Angela Jolie. So you know she's the most sexiest woman in the world, you still want to have a conversation with her and chill. I was working on "U.F.C." at the time and I was saying, "You f*cking crazy, you f*cking crazy."

I was feeling like a girl should be telling me I'm f*cking crazy. Not just me saying I'm f*cking crazy. And then my A&R said, "Yeah, but it's got to be the sluttiest girl ever, dude." And we hooked up with Kristina Rose like five minutes later and boom. We knocked it out and just went crazy with it.

All the music I try to make it is a good feeling vibe. You're listening into somebody's creativity, you're listening to somebody's mind, you're seeing what's going on in their imagination. You want to hear that energy. If you listen to the end of the record, she's saying, "Stop laughing at me." It's all about having fun.

XV is a burgeoning rapper/singer/songwriter from Wichita, Kansas. His rap alias represents the age when he first started creating music. He recently signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Records. His upcoming Awesome EP is slated to drop May 15th.

Check out the "U.F.C." music video below:

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