5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Nobis Anorak Jackets: "We Don't Follow Trends, We Just End Up Setting Them"

Friday, Apr 13, 2012 12:00AM

Written by SOHH Robin J. Yates

[With the new line of Nobis Packable Anorak jackets now available, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Robin J. Yates gives you five reasons to consider suiting up this spring.]

1. We Hear You

I would say the first reason is because the Anorak jacket speaks to the consumer needs with respect to the variations in weather we encounter day in and day out. It doesn't matter if it's a cold front or whatever the weather may be, you get to leave the house with one jacket that's stylish and easy-fitting and something which is very fashion-forward.

2. Look At You Now

The second reason is because Nobis, overall, speaks to the taglines. It speaks to the ability of an individual to find their form of individuality based on what pieces they decide to wear. We've really defined the brand by people who live their lives through the ages of 18 to 40. You don't necessarily have to be that age, but it's that person who acts out and has a various amount of pursuits. It's not so much for the guy who wakes up in the morning and takes his tie off in the evening. But it's for anyone who really lives their life and goes forward with a sense of true apparel and fashion.

3. My Team's Bad, Badder Than Yours

What makes Nobis unique, especially from the Anorak jackets to the hats, is that we have a team of in-house designers that have kind of dedicated their life to leading the way. Rather than going out and following the trends, they go out and dare to be different. We don't follow trends, we just end up setting them. We're more likely to be feared by other brands rather than doing the same.

4. One In A Million

The Anorak jacket really speaks to so many lifestyles and pursuits. We really tried to create the all-in jacket. One thing that would work for everybody. There are so many pockets and pouches on here for whatever you need to store away. In the summertime, if you don't carry a bag or a purse, this jacket is going to give you the ability to leave those behind and carry anything you have in it.

5. Head To Toe

My final reason would be because we find ourselves challenged with offering a good price. We're not about selling the most expensive product on the market but we try to create an individuality in the pieces. This all goes back to what I said at the beginning when it comes down to defining your individuality through a fashion expression.

You Decide. Will you purchase a Nobis Anorak Jacket?

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