News: Lil Wayne Says Turn His Headphones Up, "I've Got My Own Beats Coming Out Soon"

Saturday, Apr 21, 2012 8:18PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is looking past music and clothing line ventures after recently revealing plans to unleash his own Beats By Dre signature headphones.

While brief with details, Weezy said fans could expect his own Beats in the near future.

Lil Wayne shows his seriousness in the world of skateboarding, confirming to MTV that he is developing a skate shoe line. The rapper, who makes his fondness of the street sports public, has struck a deal with famous skate brand Supra to have his own sneaker coming out. Not giving a lot of details, Wayne said in his interview with MTV's "Hip Hop Pov", "I've also signed with Supra," adding "Dr. Dre Beats, I've got my own beats coming out soon. I get money." The shoe line will be independent of his clothing line Trukfit. (Ace Showbiz)

Back in February, Wayne hinted at plans to launch his very own shoe line.

"That will probably be further way down the line," Wayne said when asked about a shoe line for his Trukfit clothing brand. "I do have a shoe coming out soon but it won't be Trukfit. I have a shoe with a well-known company. I just don't want to say yet because I haven't dotted the line yet. But it's done. [Nike or Reebok?] Nah, it's not a Nike or Reebok, I can tell you that much." (VIBE)

A month prior, Weezy's manager Cortez Bryant offered some details on his new Trukfit clothing brand.

"This line is derived from what he represents, which is a lot," says Bryant. "It's skate. It's street. It's pop. It's rock. It's country. It's anything! You can't put Wayne in a box, and you can't put what he wears in a box. One day he's in snowboots, the next day he's in a godd*mn fitted cap and locs, N.W.A. style. He's unusual." Calling himself the "executor" of Wayne's "vision," he suggested that each shipment of TRUKFIT will reflect a new facet of the line's evolving aesthetics. Also, it will develop at an accelerated pace, like the generation of buyers it hopes to attract. "Just like pop culture, there's a lot going on at once here," Bryant explains. "Social and digital media brings culture to a broad space, where gender, race, class doesn't matter. TRUKFIT also refuses to be categorized. When it comes to Wayne, it's never about what anyone else is doing." (Rolling Stone)

Recently, Phat Farm founder Russell Simmons explained why Trukfit could strivie in the fashion world.

"It's just that the young men's brands that had culture in them have grown up and all these young men's brands have a shelf life," Simmons said in a video. "So all of them, Sean John's, Rocawear's and Phat Farms, those things have a certain cultural space and a lot of young people have grown out of it. A lot of young people have new inspirations and they need something cultural that speaks to them. I think what Lil Wayne does speaks to the next generation and I think there's a big, giant white space. ... The billions of dollars in young men's brands, a lot of those people are buying Ralph [Lauren] now or they're buying men's brands and there's no new inspiration. So I came to see what Lil Wayne was doing. He's hitting the nail right on the head. It's exactly what they need. The young people need something from their generation that's inspiring, speaks their language and that's what this brand does." (Karmaloop TV)

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