News: Juvenile Tells Baby Mama Back That Act Up, Demands Paternity Test Over 13 Year-Old Son

Sunday, Apr 8, 2012 11:13PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New Orleans rapper Juvenile is reportedly not taking credit for giving birth to a boy thirteen years ago as weekend reports claim he is demanding a paternity test to settle a child support conflict.

According to reports, Juvie the Great wants to find out if he is truly the father of a thirteen year-old.

Juvenile is locked in a child support battle with his baby mama over his 13-year-old son ... but now Juvenile has learned the boy might not be his and he wants his to take a paternity test, this according to new court documents. As TMZ first reported, an arrest warrant was issued for the rapper in February when he fell behind on child support to the tune of $160,000. Juvenile told TMZ himself that he's a good father and that his son stays with him most of the time. But now Juvenile has fired back in a big way ... filing court docs in Louisiana saying he never established paternity when his son was born and didn't even sign the birth certificate at the time. (TMZ)

The matter is slated to get addressed during a court session next month.

Juvenile claims he only recently learned the boy's mother was having sexual relations with "at least one other man" at the time and that he was "fraudulently induced" into various child support agreements. He is requesting a paternity test and if it turns out he's not the father ... he wants all judgments against him released AND he wants back every dime he laid out for the boy for the last 13 years. Ouch. The two sides are set to be in court next month. (TMZ)

In February, Juvie released a statement after reports emerged online claming he was wanted by police.

"With reference to recent allegations made against me, I would like my fans to know that such accusations are completely false and my legal team is currently at work to prove so. In the meantime, I stay positive. I will continue to focus on my work and I look forward to the release of my upcoming album. - Juvenile" (Statement)

He previously spoke on the arrest and child support accusations.

TMZ just spoke with the "Back That Azz Up" rapper ... who put it bluntly, "This is a bunch of bullsh*t." As we previously reported, Juvenile is a wanted man in Louisiana for allegedly stiffing his baby mama out of more than $160k in child support for their 13-year-old son. But the rapper tells us, "I was never informed that there was a warrant out for my arrest." He explains, "My son stays with me most of the time ... I take care of my son ... I love my son. We asked how Juv plans to proceed now that he's aware of the legal situation ... to which he replied, "Now that I know, my lawyer is on it ... I'm going to handle it." (TMZ)

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