News: Iggy Azalea Burns Color Card & Stereotypes, "Race Is A Low Blow That People Just Use When They Have Nothing Real To Hate On"

Friday, Apr 6, 2012 10:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grand Hustle's Iggy Azalea recently opened up on racial barriers and female lady emcee stereotypes, claiming that they are used as ploys to take away from acknowledging talent.

While race tends to always be a hot topic, Iggy stressed the difficulty of gaining respect as a female rapper.

"Race to me is a low blow that people just use when they have nothing real to hate on. To me, being a woman is the biggest hindrance; a lot of people don't want to see a woman on the mic, just like they don't want to see a woman play an electric guitar. There are a million and one things that I go through as a woman and as a human being that we can all relate to, and colour is just an extremely small thing to me. I have to view it that way if I want the rest of the world to take on that mind frame too." (Dazed Digital)

Iggy also said she gives stereotypes the cold shoulder, admitting her confidence helps her see past them.

"There are a million and one stereotypes people try to put on me every day. How a woman should act, how an Australian should act, how a white person should act, what 'real rap' is, what we consider to be beautiful. I'm blind to them all in my creative process. A stereotype should never hinder art if you're brave about it, and I try to be." (Dazed Digital)

Last month, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky called out music newcomber Azealia Banks for going at the rapper over being white.

"They gotta cut it out. That's bullsh*t. Iggy is not racist," A$AP Rocky promised in an interview. "Trust me, truuusst me. That's some bullsh*t. I think that's petty for Azealia because, come on, don't pick on her because she's White. That's a low blow." (Punch Bowl Blog)

A few weeks ago, she issued a statement over a controversial lyric from her "D.R.U.G.S." record.

"Im writing you today to address a lyric I said a few months ago in one of my songs that I feel has been used to unfairly slander my character and paint me as a racist person. Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite artists and I loved his song 'Look Out for Detox' so much I decided to do my own version of it last year. The lyrics I wrote follow the original version closely; One lyric in particular has offended a lot of people and for that, I apologize. The artist's lyric was: "when the relay starts I'm a runway slave" My lyric was: "when the relay starts I'm a runaway slave...Master, sh*tting on the past gotta spit it like a pastor This is a metaphoric take on an originally literal lyric, and I was never trying to say I am a slave owner." [sic] (Miss Jia)

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