Exclusive: "If A Man Can't Give You Eye Contact, You Should Already Know You're In The Booty Call Zone"

Friday, Apr 20, 2012 5:05PM

Written by SOHH for Somaya Reece & Don Trip

[In light of the upcoming Think Like a Man flick dropping this Friday, SOHH's asking your favorite Hollywood stars and hip-hop celebrities for some relationship advice. Today, "Love & Hip-Hop" actress Somaya Reece and rapper Don Trip dish out their dating warning signs.]

Somaya Reece says...

I think an overly aggressive man or a guy who is not a gentleman right off the bat is a bad sign if you're going out on a date. Some women are confused with being gentlemen and just wanting all kinds of things from them. For a man, that should be a red flag.

I think right off the bat, if a guy is a gentleman, you should be able to tell right away. He's a listener, he's someone who will pull out your chair, he's the type that will open your door and of course he doesn't have to only do the duties of a limo driver but pulling up your chair is a must.

The automatic red flag is if they're not doing any of those things and especially if they can't give you eye contact. If a man can't give you eye contact, you should know you're already in the booty call zone. He's not trying to look at you, girl. To me, not getting eye contact is always a red flag.

If you don't have enough respect to look at me in my eyes while you speak to me, then we can't have a second date. Make some eye contact because when the lights are out, no one's looking at each other. The first thing with me is always the eye contact.

I hate men who only text message. Those guys who only text message and can't get on the phone, that's the ultimate red flag. At that point, it's not a go. If I need someone and you can only text message me, it makes me wonder, "What's going on? You don't even get a date."

...and so Don Trip says:

If you're out on a date, fellas, be careful for any references to marriage. Period. You can say "I" and "Me" as much as you want because a date is a date. You know you're not going too far with it anyway. But marriage is a different story.

Then you have to look at what she's ordering. If she's trying to ball out on your tab, then you have to see that as a bad sign. That's enough right there. Now if she wants to order and pay for the meal, then you know what kind of gal you've got.

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