Singled Out: "I Just Put Out A Record A Few Weeks Ago With 2 Chainz"

Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 12:45PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Roscoe Dash

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After rapper/beatmaker Kovas decodes his new "The Stick Up," Roscoe Dash chops it up about his latest track with Def Jam rapper 2 Chainz]

I just put out a record a few weeks ago with 2 Chainz called "Like Diz." It's something to get the summer started.

Chainz is on fire, man and it's well-deserved at the same time. He's been doing this for a long time and for a little while he wasn't really getting the recognition that he deserves, so I'm just happy to see somebody -- him especially -- gettin' what they deserve and whatnot.

We had been talking about collaborating for quite some time now, and we just wanted to make sure that the time was right and the record was right. I didn't want to just give him anything. I wanted to give him something that he could really strive on.

This record just felt right. I did the record a week before I sent it to him. I didn't really make it specifically for him to be a part of, but once I heard the whole thing, he was somebody that came to mind. So I just felt like there was nobody else I could put on there that could really bring what he brought to the table. It was perfect timing.

Summertime's hittin', people are gonna go crazy for it. It's a feel good record that's different from everything else that's out right now.

Check out Roscoe Dash's track, "Like Diz," featuring 2 Chainz below:

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