News: "He Paved The Way For Me To Wear Pink. We Gotta Bow Down To Cam'ron"

Monday, Apr 23, 2012 10:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money star Nicki Minaj recently credited Dipset's Cam'ron for making a substantial fashion contribution to the rap game and ultimately sparking her love for the color pink.

Thinking back to the early 2000's, Minaj credited Killa for making a pink wave in hip-hop.

"First dude, first dude to wear pink and drive a pink Range [Rover] and wear pink coats and all that and make it pop. Pink bandanas and all that," Minaj told radio host Tim Westwood. "He paved the way for me to wear pink. Wow. Wow. Wow. We gotta bow down to Cam. D*mn, son. [Taking him on tour?] No, but I'll ask him to come out for a few days. I know he's working on his own stuff these days." (Tim Westwood TV)

Back in 2009, Cam reflected on making everyone go pink-crazy.

"Maybe looking back at it, I kinda went over the edge with [fashion] but for the time frame...I killed [the pink clothing]," Cam told hip-hop personality Miss Info. "You gotta realize, Russell Simmons made pink the color for Phat Farm, that's what was to set it off...You know who be in the same lane [with me]? My n*gga Ghostface...I was in a Ghostface type situation...If sometimes I go over the edge, it's for a reason. You see the people who were saying 'I'll never wear pink, pink is for h*mos' and they came out with a pink shirt the next day." (Rap Radar)

Along with inspiring fans, Cam's pink craze also caught the eye of rapper-turned-fashion designer, Kanye West, who shouted him out on the 2005 song "Touch the Sky."

"Back when they thought pink polo's would hurt the Roc/Before Cam got the sh*t to pop, the doors was closed," Ye raps, "I felt like Bad Boy's street team, I couldn't work the Lox (locks)/Now let's go." ("Touch the Sky")

On her new Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, Minaj recruited the Dipset leader.

So, Cam'ron called to make sure you guys don't get confused by the recent releases. But we also got to talking about his solo album...and his recent collaborations. The solo album will probably come out this fall around the same time as his movie "Percentages," which he shot and produced with Queen Latifah and Shakim. I've already been raving about the song, "So Bad," but wait til you hear the remix....featuring a particularly famous female emcee, Nicki Minaj. In fact...Cam and Nicki recorded a couple tracks you'll see where they all end up *wink wink* ; ) Props to the fact that Nicki calls Cam'ron "1 of my fave NY n*ggaz". (Miss Info TV)

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