News: GZA Questions Wu-Tang Clan Reunion Talk, "We Haven't Been On The Same Page In Years"

Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012 3:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With talks of a Wu-Tang Clan reunion tour heating up, group member GZA has stepped up and said the hype is nothing more than smoke and mirrors for now.

According to the Genius, the crew is not internally sound at the moment, thus a tour is not in cue for the near future.

"I have no idea. There's been talk. But I don't know what going on, you know? I can't say. I mean, we haven't been on the same page in years," GZA revealed in an interview when asked about reunion talks. "Nah. It is what it is. Sometimes that match burns out. So, no, I don't feel bad about it. It's good. I'm grateful for everything we have done throughout our careers and if there's nothing else to put out, then there's nothing to put out. I'm constantly writing and working. It doesn't stop there." (Rolling Stone)

The Wu's Raekwon recently hinted at plans to do something special for his Clan's 20th anniversary.

Next year also marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of the Wu-Tang Clan, the legendary hip-hop group that first introduced the world to Raekwon, the rapper says that the collective has big plans. "We've been sitting around talking," he says. "We got something lined up. I can't speak on it yet because it's still confidential until it's actually solidified." (Billboard)

Back in December, the Staten Island-bred emcee alluded to Wu touring together once again.

"I got a lot of things coming up," he said in an interview. "You got the 20-year Wu anniversary about to jump off. You know we scheming on some things. Going back on the road, doing something legendary again." (Exclaim)

The Clan are known for invading the hip-hop scene in the early 1990's.

Emerging in 1993, when Dr. Dre's G-funk had overtaken the hip-hop world, the Staten Island, New York-based Wu-Tang Clan proved to be the most revolutionary rap group of the mid-'90s -- and only partially because of their music. Turning the standard concept of a hip-hop crew inside out, the Wu-Tang Clan were assembled as a loose congregation of nine MCs, almost as a support group. Instead of releasing one album after another, the Clan were designed to overtake the record industry in as profitable a fashion as possible -- the idea was to establish the Wu-Tang as a force with their debut album and then spin off into as many side projects as possible. (All Music)

Check out some recent GZA footage below:

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