News: G. Dep Won't Make A Special Delivery, Ex-Bad Boy Not Testifying In '93 Murder Case

Saturday, Apr 14, 2012 5:41PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Incarcerated rapper G. Dep will reportedly not speak up for himself in his own murder trial with reports claiming the one-time Bad Boy Records artist is not taking the stand.

According to his attorney, Dep will not step forward to testify in the 1993 murder case.

Trevell "G. Dep" Coleman will not take the stand to testify in his own murder trial. That was made evident at the end of Friday's (April 13) hearing at the Supreme Criminal Court on 100 Centre Street in Lower Manhattan, New York, where the former Bad Boy rapper declined his opportunity to testify before exiting the courtroom in handcuffs as his wife, Crystal Sutton, blew kisses at him from the gallery. "He's already testified," Dep's lawyer Anthony Ricco told XXL, referring to his client's chilling video confession of shooting a man back in 1993, which was played in court the day before. "They got the tape, they got the statement." Friday, day three of Dep's murder trial, had the defense continuing their tactic to pinpoint inconsistencies in the evidence. (XXL Mag)

This week, footage of Dep testifying back in December 2010 leaked online.

In the tape, Coleman told police he thought the shooting happened in late February or March -- "jacket weather", but not deep winter -- though after District Attorney David Drucker prodded him, he conceded it might have been in the fall. Jonathan Henkel was shot in November. Coleman also described how the victim -- whom he called clean shaven and curly-topped, unlike the straight-haired and mustachioed Jonathan Henkel -- rushed after him and even tried to grab him off his bike after the shots rang out. That contradicts testimony from a forensic pathologist who told jurors on Tuesday that Henkel's lung collapsed almost immediately after he was shot and that he would have lost consciousness "fairly quickly." Still, crucial details -- including the exact time of day, the location and the unusual caliber of the gun -- align precisely with the Henkel slaying. Drucker told jurors in his opening statement Tuesday that detectives poring over police records found no other crimes matching even a broad description of the one Coleman told police was "eating him alive." (DNA Info)

Earlier this week, the New York rapper changed up his murder rap, denying any involvement with the slaying of Jonathan Henkel.

Right perp, wrong shooting. The rapper G. Dep has turned the tables on the same hard-ball-playing Manhattan prosecutors who wouldn't give him less than 15 years on his confession to a cold-case shooting. The rapper is taking his case to trial and insisting only now that while he was indeed a shooter, the DA has matched him to the wrong victim -- a tactic that has sent prosecutors scrambling to review their two-decade old Harlem shooting cases to prove they have it right. "Why are we here?" defense lawyer Anthony Ricco told a Manhattan Supreme Court jury. "You have to decide whether he is guilty of the crimes charged." (New York Post)

Whether a defensive ploy or the truth, Dep's denial could stand a chance in court.

After all, there are some inconsistencies between G. Dep's confession and the facts of the murder. G. Dep had confessed to shooting a clean-shaven blonde man in a green plaid jacket, for instance. Henkel had brown hair and a beard and was wearing a tan leather jacket. "He's not even sure if the person he said he shot actually got shot," the lawyer told jurors. "All of you have to decide if the descriptions match up," he said. Prosecutors, meanwhile, insist that Henkel is the only victim who fits G. Dep's confession. "There are no other homicides even close to fitting the description," prosecutor David Drucker told jurors. (New York Post)

Check out G. Dep's murder confession below:

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