SOHH Whatcha Think: G. Dep Heads To Murder Trial + Lil Wayne's Crew Caught In Violence?!

Monday, Apr 9, 2012 8:49AM

Written by Jeezis Peace aka Skateboard P

Former Diddy employee G Dep may be going away for a long, long time. After confessing to a Harlem murder that took place nearly two decades ago, sh*t will soon get real as he stands before a court to plead his case.

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Dep, who turned down a plea deal, is slated to stand trial for murder in addition to a few other charges.

NEW YORK -- Almost a decade after a brief turn on rap's fast track, G. Dep was aiming toward a comeback. But then he went to a police station to reveal a damning secret: He'd shot a stranger while trying to mug him 17 years before. He's now slated to go on trial on murder and other charges, despite a confession he hasn't disputed making - indeed, he's called it a relief. His lawyers, who have said the rapper turned down a plea deal that called for 15 years to life in prison, have suggested he'll question whether years of PCP use factored in his client's admission(Huffington Post)

Dep admitted to the killing nearly two years ago, members of the the victims family say this confession has opened up several old wounds.

G. Dep, 37, a married father of three school-age children, faces the possibility of 25 years to life behind bars if he's convicted in a case that was dormant until he spoke up in December 2010. Victim John Henkel's own family has criticized the rapper's decision to come forward, saying it needlessly stoked the relatives' pain. Regardless, the rapper doesn't regret it, his lawyer says. "Conscience drove him to do something. ... He thinks he did the right thing," defense lawyer Anthony L. Ricco said after a hearing this winter.(Huffington Post)

In other news ... can we all just let Lil Wayne skateboard in peace? D*mn. Turns out, we'd better, or his goons will step in. The paparazzi caught Weezy skating near a church recently and snapped a few too many pics for the rapper's liking. According to reports, Tunechi had his entourage handle that.

Lil Wayne and his entourage are being accused of abusing a photographer at Miami's South Beach last week. According to TMZ, the paparazzi spotted Weezy skateboarding outside of a church, beside a sign that read "No Skateboarding," and decided to snap some pictures. The photographer then followed Wayne and his crew after they packed up their things when rain started to fall, at which point, a fed up Tunechi asked his security to step to the man and take his camera.(TMZ)

Telling dude to scram and deleting some pics weren't enough, apparently. The unnamed photographer alleges that he was shoved to the ground and his bicycle was severely beaten. That's right. They beat up the man's bike. Now that's gangsta.

But the photographer, who filed a report immediately after, said it didn't quite end there. According to the report, about eight of Wayne's goons surrounded him, intimidated him into deleting several photos he'd taken of Lil Wayne, then went on to spit on him and push him to the ground. But that wasn't all. The report also alleges the men beat the camera man's bicycle up with a skateboard. When the photog finally broke free, he went straight to the Miami Beach Police Station and filed the report.(TMZ)

SOHH Watcha Think: Did Tunechi's Goonchies go too far?

Check out some short, poorly shot video of the incident.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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