News: G-Unit's Lloyd Banks Delays B-Day Project, "You Won't Be Disappointed"

Sunday, Apr 29, 2012 10:20PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit member Lloyd Banks has decided to keep fans waiting for his upcoming V6 mixtape by delaying its new release to work out a few kinks.

Initially slated to drop on his birthday, April 30th, Banks took to Twitter and revealed its delay.

"Still a few things I have to do with the tape,it's not droppin monday..but soon after!," Banks tweeted April 28th.
"I just want it to be delivered the right way"
"Trust me it's worth the wait! You won't be disappointed.." (Lloyd Banks' Twitter)

This marks the latest pushback as Banks previously aimed to drop the mixtape last month.

The G-Unit general Lloyd Banks promised he would be dropping the eagerly awaited follow up to to his Cold Corner 2 mixtape, V6, at the end of March which is just a couple of days away, but without a major push of news on the project the release looks certain to be pushed back. But Banks did let go of this new cut for the fans titled "Open Arms" produced by Doe Pecsi to tide us over in the meantime. (Soul Culture UK)

A few weeks ago, the "Punch Line King" dropped his V6 record, "Wake Up."

Still sleeping on Lloyd Banks after three studio albums and numerous street releases? Then I have to conclude that you're in a persistent vegetative state and thus incapable of appreciating dope music. Still, I sincerely hope his latest latest feature will be your "Wake Up" call - both for your own sake and because it'd be great to see "G-Unit Member Resuscitates Coma Patient Through the Power of Hip-Hop" on the front page of your local paper. This newly-released mixtape inclusion finds Banks in characteristically fresh, fly form. Backed by Sonaro's street-ready bell-percussion groove, the emcee offers listeners an update on the current state of his cash stacks (still towering), his weed (still potent) and his women (still beautiful, and multitudinous). To top it all off, the cut features what I'm almost certain is the first recorded use of the phrase "mank explosion" in a rap record--could we have a new "That sh*t cray" on our hands? Uh, maybe not. (DJ Booth)

Back in 2010, the rap star jokingly said he cut ties with G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid in relation to mixtapes.

"Well Whoo Kid, he's on like, he's suspended right now, at the moment," Banks said in an interview. "I made that guy so much money and did so many mixtapes with him. I put out five mixtapes in a year. He's been hitting me lately because he knows I'm getting ready to drop, so he's pressing me for a mixtape but I don't know man. I know I'm gonna scatter material out so they're gonna be hearing freestyle material on radio shows, the Internet, sprinkling it all around. But as far as a whole body of work on a mixtape, I don't know if they gonna get one. I mean, we'll see how things go but I never stop working on that underground material because it gives me the advantage to speak on current events. Who knows, somebody could speak on Banks tomorrow and something would be out by Friday." (Civilized Talk)

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