News: Future's "Pluto" First-Week Sales Projections Revealed

Thursday, Apr 19, 2012 2:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer Future's debut album Pluto, will easily break into the Top 50 next week with first-week sales projections reaching up to 40,000.

Based on one-day estimates, Future's long-awaited debut will scoop up handfuls of sales by next week.

Epic hip-hop signing Future makes his debut with Pluto, featuring guest appearances from Drake, T.I., R. Kelly, Snoop Dogg and producers Will-A-Fool, Sonny Digital and K.E. on tha Track, among others. The highly touted album, preceded by the singles, "Tony Montana" and "Magic," is on target for 35-40k (HITS Daily Double)

This week, Future told SOHH readers that they should get his new LP because of its versatile feel.

"The first reason why you should buy my album is because it's trendy. It's melodic. It's a classic. When I say this is trendy, I'm referring to all of the concepts that's on here. I've got songs on here with Trae the Truth to R. Kelly and Juicy J. So you're hearing a lot of different sounds. Then look at the songs on here from "Magic" to "Astronaut Chick." It's a theme behind Pluto. I'm telling you what music has come to." (SOHH 5 Reasons)

Confident in the project's overall quality, the Atlanta rapper also told SOHH it is a certified classic.

"On this album, there's an emphasis on the rapping but at the same time it's melodic. I want to call this album classic because it's music that I've been working on for the past year and a half. That's why this is a classic to me, I've been able to pick out some of my best material and not having to go through mixtapes. I was able to keep songs that I wanted and save them for the album. When you put songs together and have a long period of time, you want that first album to be a classic because it's your first one. You can never take that time or get it back. That's why this is special to me." (SOHH 5 Reasons)

His new album features a mixture of guest appearances from R. Kelly to Snoop Dogg.

1. "The Future Is Now" feat. Big Rube 2. "Parachute" feat. R. Kelly 3. "Straight Up" 4. "Astronaut Chick" 5. "Magic (Remix)" feat. T.I. 6. "I'm Trippin'" feat. Juicy J 7. "Truth Gonna Hurt You" 8. "Neva End" 9. "Tony Montana" feat. Drake 10. "Permanent Scar" 11. "Same Damn Time" 12. "Long Live the Pimp" feat. Trae Tha Truth 13. "Homicide" feat. Snoop Dogg 14. "Turn on the Lights" 15. "You Deserve It" (Pluto)

Check out some recent Future footage below:

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