News: Female Tyga Fan Flees From Cops Singing 'Rack City' Anthem, Stopped & Arrested

Friday, Apr 20, 2012 4:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

A female fan of Young Money rapper Tyga is making headlines this weekend for recently getting arrested after fleeing from cops while rapping to Tyga's "Rack City" anthem.

According to recent reports, a 21 year-old female graffiti artist got caught tagging up a college campus.

Tyga's "Rack City" can make people do crazy things. That mischievous bass line alone incites some wild behavior, but it had a lasting effect on one girl. The 21-year-old tagged up her campus and and fled from police all in the name of "Rack City." She eventually got caught and arrested, but it was probably worth it. Check out this story from a local paper. (Complex)

The female tagger reportedly got caught spraying down multiple buildings.

Alyssa Bloechl, 21, Merill, was cited for disorderly conduct after being caught spray painting the words "Rack City B*tch" on several campus buildings. Once spotted by campus police, Bloechl fled the scene while shouting "ten ten ten twenties on ya t*tties b*tch" at the pursuing police men. Bloechl was eventually stopped and arrested. (ItsTheReal)

In February, Hollywood actress Vanessa Hudgens admitted her love for "Rack City."

The conversation turned to music, after Jimmy Fallon asked her what she was listening to. Hudgens named a number of groups, like the Black Keys and Elbow. Jimmy spoofed that he was listening to Sade, and Vanessa countered with Rack City. Jimmy didn't know the song, so Vanessa sang a verse of the, shall we say, bouncy tune. "And 'Rack City?' Rack, rack, rack city chick. Rack, rack, rack city chick," Hudgens recited to Fallon when he said he was unaware of the tune. "Throwin' hundreds, hundreds! Hundreds, hundreds. [laughs] That's my slogan." (The Improper)

Last month, Terror Squad's Fat Joe talked about tagging up Lil Wayne's crib.

"I live down the block, across the street from him and yesterday, the n*gga called me up and said, 'Please, Joe, it would be an honor if you do a TS Joey Crack piece in my house,'" Joe said in an interview. "Never in my life [have I done graffiti in someone's house]. I tried to talk him out of it like, 'Wayne, for real, you have a gazillion dollar mansion -- please don't do this.' He was like, 'Nah, Crack, I got a spot right there for you.' I was like, 'Wayne...why?' He said, 'Crack, we need it.' ... He got ramps on his ceiling and all that sh*t. Yeah, he's doing that to the highest level. I was there and he was building a f*cking skateboard. He was like, 'Yo Crack, you got to put this here.' He found a new love, something he loves to do and that's dope. He's living and drinking and eating the skateboarding sh*t." (XXL Mag)

Check out the "Rack City" music video below:

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