5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Ecko's Exhibit Collection: "When You Look At It, It's A Cartoon Fish & He's Gone Around The World Painting These Things"

Monday, Apr 23, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Alan Ket

[In light of a new collaboration series with Ecko Clothing and some renowned graffiti artists, renowned designer Alan Ket gives you five reasons to check out the new Ecko Exhibit Collection.]

1. Endangered Species

The first reason is because as part of the collection, there are special 'Save the Rhino' t-shirts that are designed by each artist. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Save the Rhino Fund where the money is used to work toward the saving of the rhinos and hopefully get them off the endangered species list. That's a big reason and the t-shirts look fantastic. It's a double win.

2. Ladies Night Out

The second reason is that there's t-shirts designed by female graffiti artists which you'll hear about every day. Artists like Queen Andrea are being celebrated and being included into what's normally an all-male club and they have hot designs. There was a high emphasis on making sure there was a female presence with this. Ecko does clothing for both men and women and we thought it would be a great idea to have clothing designed by women artists. They are as prominent in the world as men but are overlooked. In the graffiti world, they are not as popular and there's not as many women in the graffiti world. But we felt it was necessary to bring their flavor to the collection and sprinkle it into the men's line and in the men's line. There were four women selected; Queen Andrea, Siloutte, 123Klan and Utah, who is a notorious graffiti writer from New York City.

3. Mr. Nice Watch

The third reason is because of the Pez watch. Pez is a street and graffiti artist from Barcelona who is known for his smiley fish characters. His watch, in yellow, has to be one of the coolest and hottest products that Ecko's put out in a long time. Pez paints cartoon characters in the street and they're a modification of his tag. When you look at it, it's a cartoon fish and he's gone around the entire world painting these things. I've bumped into them in Berlin, Los Angeles, Miami, he's really out there. He's got a gallery show going on in London right now. His style is very recognizable, cool and fun. The way that the art was interpreted is very cool, especially on the watch.

4. Boogie Down

The fourth reason is because Cope2 is involved and he's a Bronx, New York legend. He has not collaborated with Ecko before, in this manner, and there's everything from watches, fragrance and belts with Cope2 on it. As a mover and shaker and important figure in the graffiti community, it's great to see his stuff available to the public. Cope is a big supporter of Ecko and has known Marc Ecko for years. He's been a good supporter and good collaborator.

5. International Swag

The last reason is because Askew is involved and he's one of the most talented and gifted painters on the planet. He hails from New Zealand and the items that he has on the collection are truly amazing. It's great to see that Ecko recognizes some of the most cutting edge talents in the world.

You Decide. Will you purchase some items from the Ecko Exhibit Collection?

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