News: Drake Reveals Emotional Girl Rejection, "That Killed Me. D*mn, It Was A Lose/Lose. A Fight I Can't Even Fight"

Saturday, Apr 21, 2012 10:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money star Drake recently discussed his past love woes and how a woman he felt close to gave him the cold shoulder in light of his hip-hop stature.

According to Drizzy, a past rejection made him look at the man in the mirror a little closer.

" fell for somebody I liked so much. So, so much. Not a celebrity, just a normal girl. "She was like, 'I won't be in a relationship with you, you're a rapper and I think more of myself than to go through the (expletive); I can't read the rumors every day whether they're true or not.' That killed me. D*mn, it was a lose/lose, a fight I can't even fight because she's already bowing out." (AZ Central)

He then went on to admit being notorious for sending drunk text messages to ex-lovers.

'I'm more of a drunk texter than drunk dialer. I write Peach Ciroc [vodka] poems. 'When that Peach Ciroc comes into my head and starts hitting the blood stream, the words start flowing to exes. Some nights I'll be in the club and start thinking back - it gets emotional.'' (AZ Central)

Over last fall, the rapper reflected on past crushes involving Young Money labelmate Nicki Minaj and singer Rihanna.

"I don't know if we were really pretending. I'd marry Nicki. I think Nicki would be one of the only people that would understand me at the end of all of this and be able to love me," Drake reveals about his Young Money group member. "I guess I thought it was more [with me and RiRi]. That was the first girl with any fame that paid me any mind. You spend days reading about this person in magazines. All of a sudden you have this number-one song and you're at some birthday party and there she is. And you're just some naive kid from Toronto staying in some sh--ty-a** hotel who got invited to this party on a whim. That's just how it happened." (Elle Magazine)

In 2011, the platinum-selling rapper analyzed getting called out for his overly honest ways.

"That's tough. I wish that we lived in a time and a generation where people would stop viewing my honesty as overly emotional," Drake said. "People always act like I spend my life crying in a dark room. I don't, I'm good. I'm a man. I want to be remembered as an artist that gave you a piece of me, as opposed to some surface bullsh*t. I don't think people realize that we die, we leave here, and either they forget about you or remember you. And how they remember you is up to you. I just want to be remembered as a poet that was open and honest because I wake up every morning and I'm me." (GQ)

Check out a recent Drake interview below:

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