News: DJ Premier's XM/Sirius Radio Show Gets Canned For Good

Thursday, Apr 12, 2012 9:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Music pioneer DJ Premier will have to find a new platform outside of XM/Sirius Satellite Radio to get his music out to fans with reports claiming his weekly live show has been cancelled.

While an official statement has not yet gone out, reports claim contractual issues forced his departure.

It looks official now, after not airing for weeks Sirius XM/Hip Hop Nation deletes DJ Premier's Live From HeadQCourterz Show from their weekly program. It's a sad day for us, they took down the big and legendary ambassador of underground hip hop from the radio waves. While DJ Premier already gave comments about the situation last week on his Twitter account we could only understood that there are contract issues with Hip Hop Nation that needs to be straighten out. But now Hip Hop Nation deleted the DJ from their site and program. (DJ Premier Blog)

The show reportedly enjoyed a seven-year run for XM/Sirius.

The Friday evening program had been running for seven years from the Gang Starr member and legendary Hip Hop producer/deejay. Premier's co-hosts included Panchi from veteran duo NYGz, as well as guest-hosting from Non Phixion's DJ Eclipse. No reasons have been specified yet for the cancellation. (HHDX)

The cancellation could give Preemo more time to work on his rumord Nas joint album.

"[With] Nas, it's always fun to work with him because we have a formula and vibe that already works. It's not difficult. It's like seeing a long lost cousin like, 'D*mn, I ain't seen you in years. Let's get back to what we used to do.' I submitted some tracks, so hopefully those will work, but if not, he and I are still going to do the Nas/Premier album," he said. "But he has other albums that come before, but we're still going to do it, we've spoken about it." (Hard Knock TV)

Back in 2010, the renowned producer said Jay-Z wanted to do an entire LP with his beats.

"I'll give you a funny story. Jay-Z reached out to me when he was going to do The Black Album -- this was years before he put it out because he postponed it, ended up working on other stuff, and then he came out with the album and decided to retire. Way prior to that he called me and said he was going to do an album and that he wanted me to do the whole thing. But he said, 'I know how busy you are, Premo, but I want you to not have anything to do with anybody for the whole time we make this album. I need like a two week window, and we just do it.' And I understood where he was coming from, because he knows it had to be that deep of a situation to get it to be right and to call it The Black Album. Prince already made The Black Album. If you're going to make one, it better be top notch. There's a lot that goes along with that. So to approach me about that? That's the same way I look at the Cold Crush, Fantastic, Kool Moe D, all that. LL and I have tried two or three times to work on stuff. He's somebody you gotta sit down with and really focus on because he deserves that type of attention. And I'm proud to give him that type of attention." (The Well Versed)

Check out a recent DJ Premier interview below:

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